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On May 2, 2011, the members of the UBC-Vancouver World Model United Nations (WorldMUN) Bid Committee eagerly awaited for a piece of important news with bated breath. Three weeks ago, they had finally completed and submitted UBC’s Bid to host WorldMUN in Vancouver. With 2,200+ student delegates from 270+ universities in 70+ countries, WorldMUN is not only one of the most prestigious and largest MUN events in the world, but also one of the world’s largest international student conferences, and rotates to a different Host City each year. If the Bid is successful, this will be the largest student conference to be ever held in British Columbia. The conference is a partnership between Harvard University and the local Host University that wins the Bid.

At 2:00 PM, we had the news that we had been waiting for: UBC Vancouver was officially selected and confirmed as the Host University for WorldMUN 2012! The team was ecstatic. After 2-years of non-stop hard work, lessons learned, and tight deadlines to put together the best possible Bid we could create, our efforts were rewarded. We had won the Bid.

Welcome to WorldMUN, an unforgettable international experience!

Now that WorldMUN 2012 is officially being hosted in Vancouver by UBC, we are excited at the prospects and opportunities that this presents to a huge number of not only UBC students but also high-school students and, of course, UBC Alumni. There are countless opportunities for the community to get involved with this once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Vancouver Convention Centre and various other city venues.

Students can join the Host Committee, the organizing committee of the conference with the responsibility of putting forth into motion all the plans outlined in the Bid Book for WorldMUN, which includes everything from organizing all the nightly mega social events, sightseeing activities, and academic committee sessions. Many other students will have the chance to be part of the Academic Staff that assist in moderating and running the 22 simulations of UN bodies, and others can participate as Operations Volunteers that serve as the face of UBC and Vancouver to the many international delegates.  An estimated 450 student volunteers are needed to successfully deliver the event.

Above all, there is the chance for limitless international engagement and intercultural understanding, and that is embodied no better than during the WorldMUN conference, where it can be the norm to eat breakfast with a new friend from Indonesia, spend the morning debating international nuclear policy with the nearby Venezuelan delegate, have lunch with a group of Belgians, share ideas with a Lebanese during the afternoon, and wrap up the day at a social event showcasing the local culture and dancing the night away with some newfound exuberant Pakistani friends.

How can UBC Alumni take part in the WorldMUN experience?

The team of “UBC Alumni Advisors” will provide the Host Committee with advice, support, and industry knowledge in their field of specialty.  Alumni are needed to assist with:

  • Sponsorship and Finance (fundraising, corporate relations, key sponsorship contacts, networking)
    • Preference for Alumni with key contacts and/or extensive experience in fundraising and sponsorship
  • Keynote Speakers (contacts, for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies)
    • Preference for Alumni with key contacts to individuals suitable for speaking at the Ceremonies
  • Workshops (theme development, speakers and presenters)
    • Preference for Alumni with key contacts and/or a background relating to the U.N.’s bodies
  • Event Services, Operations and Logistics (venue contacts, equipment rental, event sales, transportation, accommodation)
    • Preference for Alumni with extensive experience in event planning and staging
  • Public Relations & Media (awareness campaign, media contacts)
    • Preference for Alumni with key contacts and/or a media background
  • High-School Volunteers (recruitment of high-school volunteers for Operations Volunteer positions)
    • Preference for Alumni currently working at a local secondary institution

If you are interested in becoming an Alumni Advisor to the UBC Host Committee, please contact us at

Thank you for your attention!

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