alumni UBC Achievement Awards

alumni UBC Achievement Awards

Achievement Awards 2014 Nominations

The next Award recipients won’t raise their own hands. That’s why we need you.

The accomplishments of the members of UBC’s global community of alumni represent an inspiring account of positive social, cultural, and economic change in the world. The alumni UBC Achievement Awards is the chance to recognize those actions and share the stories of our vibrant and influential community.

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Many people talk about making the world a better place. And there are those who go out and make it happen. Help us celebrate six members of the alumni UBC community who see the need for change as a personal responsibility.

The 2013 alumni UBC Achievement Awards took place on November 14th at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Vancouver.


Alumni Award of Distinction

William Carpentier

William Carpentier, MD’61

Dr. William Carpentier was chief physician for the Apollo 11 crew and is acknowledged as one of the greatest contributors to the field of space life science. His later career has focused on nuclear medicine, and four decades of exceptional work has resulted in important applications and advancements in radiology, diagnostics and cancer treatment.

Young Alumnus Award

Tim Laidler

Tim Laidler, BA’09

Tim Laidler is a master’s candidate in counselling psychology and a corporal in the Canadian Forces who is committed to enhancing the quality of life for veterans of war. As executive director of the Veterans Transition Network, he has increased awareness around the profound impact of war on soldiers and raised in excess of $2.5M to support the Veterans Transition Program.

Future Alumnus Award

Salina Dharamsi

Salina Dharamsi, BCom’13

Ms Salina Dharamsi has already established an impressive record of academic achievement, leadership and community service. As well as being a familiar face on the local volunteering scene, she has travelled to Guatemala, India and Rwanda, where she worked and learned side-by-side with local people on community development projects.

Faculty Community Service Award

Muhammad Iqbal

Muhammad Iqbal

In 1996 Dr. Muhammad (“Mo”) Iqbal retired from UBC’s department of Mechanical Engineering after enjoying a distinguished career specializing in solar power. After 30 years contributing to education and research in Canada, he now devotes himself to creating opportunities for disadvantaged communities in Pakistan, his country of birth.

Global Citizenship Award

Gurdev Gill

Gurdev Gill, MD’57, DSc’96

The history of Asian immigration to Canada is characterized by prejudice, discrimination and exclusion. When Dr. Gurdev Gill arrived in Vancouver from India’s Punjab region in 1949 immigration policy was still biased towards Europeans and residents of South Asian origin were not treated as equal members of society.

Volunteer Leadership Award

Juanita Lohmeyer

Juanita Lohmeyer, BSc’00

Ms Juanita Lohmeyer is an award-winning business executive with a long record of service to disadvantaged communities in Canada and abroad. She has a practical, business-based approach to creating workable solutions for providing healthcare, alleviating poverty, and empowering communities.