Be a Mentor

Share your story!  Mentorship allows students and mentors the chance to connect about career and networking.  True mentoring is much more than just answering occasional questions, it’s an ongoing relationship of learning, dialogue and challenge. This form of experiential learning can be very powerful and inspirational to students who are learning about potential paths for after graduation and want to know the stories of UBC alumni who went through the same process.

Throughout the school year, there are a number of ways for alumni to connect with students here on campus. The various programs below provide information on how to get involved as a mentor and help alumni stay connected with UBC and individual faculties.

To get involved in mentorship at UBC, please use the links below to find a program that interests you. If you have any general question, please contact

Faculty Specific Programs

Arts Programs

Arts Tri-Mentoring Program

Seeking: Arts alumni from Economics, English, History, International Relations, Linguistics/Speech Sciences, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology.

Contact: Bonita Perko


Seeking: UBC Film Production alumni working in the industry

Contact: Sarah Crauder

Science Programs

Science Mentoring Program

Seeking: Medical researchers, UBC alumni, graduate students, teachers, and other industry/faculty members

Contact: Erin Green

Computer Science Tri-Mentoring Program

Seeking: Industry/faculty members with a Computer Science background who are working in the field

Contact: Michele Ng

Kinesiology Mentorship Program

Seeking: Kinesiology, Human Kinetics, Recreation & Physical Education alumni

Contact: Ashley Cochrane, Mentorship Program Coordinator

Land and Food Systems Tri-Mentoring Program

Seeking: Professionals in fields related to Land and Food Systems

Contact: Karla Carreras

Sauder Mentorship Programs

Seeking: Sauder Alumni

Contact: Jess Tang

The School of Community and Regional Planning’s MCRP Mentoring Program

Seeking: Professionals in fields related to planning to mentor students in MCRP (Masters of Community and Regional Planning)

Contact: Madeleine Hyde

Engineering Mentoring Program

Seeking: Engineers in industry or academia

Contact: Emily Wyatt

Multidisciplinary Programs

Golden Key International, UBC chapter

Seeking: Golden Key International alumni or honourary members and other local professionals

Contact: Derek Zhang

Other Mentoring Programs

Forestry Mentoring Program

Seeking: UBC Forestry alumni

Contact: Chiara Longhi


Seeking: Qualified members of the business community


Student Housing and Hospitality Services Mentorship Opportunities

Seeking: Residence Life Alumni

Contact: Joey Cheng

Off-campus mentoring programs

Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) Mentorship Program

Seeking: Industry experts and established professionals


Connect to Success Mentorship Program (YMCA)

Contact: Laurie Sinnott