Call for Feedback for the Chancellor Reappointment Committee


Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide their comments with the commitee. The feedback period has now closed.

Chancellor reappointment committee members:

Faye Wightman – Chair, alumni UBC Board of Directors; Chair, Chancellor Reappointment Committee
Alan Ehrenholz – President-elect, Alma Mater Society
Shelina Esmail – Member, alumni UBC Board of Directors
Darran Fernandez – Associate Registrar and Director, Enrolment Services; Member, Board of Governors
Dr. Susan Forwell – Department Head and Associate Professor, Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Medicine
Celeste Haldane – Chair, Governance Committee, Board of Governors
Dr. Paul G. Harrison – Associate Dean, Student Services, Faculty of Science; Chair, Executive Committee, Council of Senates and Chair of the Senate Academic Policy Committee, UBC Vancouver
Ross Langford – Member, alumni UBC Board of Directors
Dr. Marianne Legault – Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, UBC Okanagan; Chair, Senate Admissions and Awards Committee, UBC Okanagan
Patricia Mohr – Member, alumni UBC Board of Directors
Rahim Moloo – Co-chair, alumni UBC Advisory Council
Jeff Todd – Executive Director, alumni UBC – Secretary to the Committee (non-voting)
Julie Wagemakers – Executive Director, President’s Office (President’s designate)

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