The Career Hack Every UBC Graduate Can Use Right Now

I recently read The Cheat Code, by UBC alumnus Brian Wong, BCom’09. Although I didn’t agree with all of Wong’s ‘cheats,’ (contrary to Cheat #51 I think exclamation points should be used sparingly if at all), the book contains many valuable career ‘hacks’  anyone can use to gain career momentum.

This got me thinking about the very special career ‘hack’ we have available to us as graduates of UBC: access to a diverse, talented, and infinitely helpful community of fellow alumni.

Last week, I received an email from an alumnus seeking assistance on his application for graduate school. Since application support is not a service we currently provide at alumni UBC, I decided to put the question to our alumni community.

As a member of the UBC Hub, our growing online networking and mentorship community, it was easy to do a quick search of alumni who have indicated they are willing to provide mentorship or offer career advice. I sent out a quick message to this group, explaining the request. Almost instantly, I received an overwhelming response. Message after message popped up in my inbox, all from alumni declaring enthusiastically that they would love to help. I even got a few from alumni who weren’t able to help, but wished they could.

Talk about heart warming. All connections made on the UBC Hub are on a volunteer basis, so it might seem surprising that people were clamouring for a chance to assist. But these folks know an important truth, that helping others succeed makes you better at what you do. And besides that, it feels great.

If you are a graduate of UBC, you are sitting on a goldmine of knowledge and experience. Membership on the Hub is free to all members of the UBC community, including alumni, students, and staff. Once you create a profile, you are free to reach out to anyone on the Hub. When you search by ‘offering,’ you can find the alumni who have explicitly stated that they are ready and willing to help you.

All it takes is a simple message, explaining who you are and what you need help with. This differs from larger social media platforms, because your fellow alumni are waiting to hear from you. For many of them, helping their fellow alumni is their primary reason for joining the platform. So what are you waiting for? You have the ultimate cheat code at your fingertips, a diverse and extraordinary community of successful, creative individuals from a range of industries, located in over 4o countries. Brian Wong probably would have finished that sentence with three exclamation points, but I think it’s exciting enough on it’s own. Don’t you?

If you haven’t already, create your profile on the Hub today and start connecting.

Michele Murphy is the Alumni Career Educator at alumni UBC. For support at every stage of your career development process, visit us on, follow us on Twitter @alumniUBCcareer.

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