Recap of UBC Bound! 2018

This summer, in cities across Asia, UBC alumni connected and shared stories and advice with incoming UBC students. Here are recaps and photos from the UBC Bound! meet-ups, submitted by the alumni volunteers.

Guangzhou – July 13, 2018

UBC Bound! Guangzhou

UBC Bound! Guangzhou was successfully held and we became the first Canadian University to welcome 66 freshmen and their families at the Canadian Consulate in Guangzhou.

Thank you to the Consulate General of Canada in Guangzhou, Rachael Bedlington, and Deputy Consulate General, Long Wu, for supporting this unprecedented newcomers’ meeting, and sharing the Canadian government’s emphasis on education to our UBC freshmen. Thank you also to Education Director of the Government of British Columbia in South China, Jake Zhang, for attending and cheering for our students! At the same time, thank you to the alumni UBC Guangzhou executives and members for their support and the participation of the schoolmates and their parents. Through this event, the new students had a deeper understanding of UBC’s missions and values. Freshmen also learned from our senior students and graduates about what their life in Canada could be like, and got more prepared to start a new life at UBC.

Malaysia – July 14, 2018

UBC Bound! Malaysia

The UBC Bound Malaysia was held on the 14th July to a great attendance of about 30 new students, their guests, volunteers and alumni. Attendees started to arrive even before the start time of 3:00 PM. The new students sat together and started to make new and possibly lifelong friends who just like themselves, would be starting in UBC in September.

The formal activities started with James Jiam, the President of the alumni UBC Malaysia, giving a speech about the new students starting a new phase of their lives and advise about the new life they are about to enter. This was followed by fellow alumnus Nicholas Leong who acted as the MC and led the trivia activities to see how much the new students had researched UBC and Canada in general.

This was followed by the student volunteers who took the stage to tell their stories and life in UBC, Vancouver and Canada in general. The current student volunteers Ahmad Izzat, Zhi Chuen and Melissa Tan Jiawei were extremely helpful. They engaged the new students, told their stories about life in UBC and what to expect. They answered all the questions posed to them and then continued to engage the new student by mingling with them after they had finished with the stage.

The formal activities ended after 5:00 PM. However, most of the new students, volunteers and alumni still stayed back to engage the students and give them and their parents the assurance that they had made the right choice to attend UBC.

Indonesia – July 14, 2018

UBC Bound! Indonesia

We are glad that Indonesia UBC Bound! 2018 had a great turnout of 74; with past, current, and future students participating in the event to share experiences and learnings ahead of the incoming student’s UBC journey.  Members of the Gado Gado student club also came to show their support in welcoming the new incoming students from Indonesia.  The event was originally scheduled until 5pm, but many students and parents alike took the opportunity to establish early friendships and stayed way beyond the event closing.

Philippines – July 14, 2018

UBC Bound! Philippines

Once again, UBC Bound! Philippines welcomed 25 guests to the UBC family for the annual pre-departure session to Canada. Held at Marco Polo Ortigas on the 14thof July 2018, it was a great opportunity for these future alumni to meet one another before they make their way to start university life. The event was held by alumni UBC Philippines representative Timothy Dy Guani, who gave a brief overview on what to expect – including some tips and advice from his own personal experience. It was truly gratifying to see all the students mingling and exchanging contact information, immediately creating a support network as they make their way to a new country for one of the most important years of their lives.

Hong Kong – July 21, 2018

UBC Bound! Hong Kong

UBC Bound! Hong Kong was phenomenal as it welcomed incoming UBC students from all walks of life! Alumni and current students had the chance to share their UBC experience and stories with a whopping 95 people in attendance, including students old and new, and many parents. UBC Bound! Hong Kong has shown just how vast and interconnected the UBC community really is, even when we are so far away from Vancouver. Volunteers gave their all when welcoming new students at UBC Bound! Hong Kong to make sure the students’ first-impression of the UBC community is just as positive and inclusive as their own experience!

Singapore – July 21, 2018

UBC Bound! Singapore

UBC Bound! 2018 was a success with a total of 52 guests gathered on Saturday July 21 with alumni to share their experiences and insights on their new journey. Some students arrived a little nervous but soon felt at home, as they were welcomed into the UBC family. There was a short panel where new students asked current students questions with regards to housing, weather, clothes, activities and jobs. Thereafter, students participated a breakout session by faculty. They mingled over food and drinks, while the parents asked questions to alumni who were present. All in all, it was a great event where new students were welcomed into a supportive environment and an environment that is the UBC Family!

Japan – July 27, 2018

UBC Bound! Japan

alumni UBC Japan was pleased to hold a successful UBC Bound! 2018 at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo. The evening started off with a warm welcome to 17 guests and a few words of encouragement from the Embassy’s Education Officer. Then Bound students and their families got a taste of UBC campus life through an informative video presentation. This was followed by face time with alumni from all walks of life, from recent graduates to retirees. Over tasty snacks, students, family members and alumni chat and bonded sharing delightful conversation about the experience, handy living information and life after graduation. It was both fun and informative at the same time. All participants brought back good takeaways from the event.

Taiwan – July 28, 2018

UBC Bound! Taiwan

The July 28 UBC Bound! Taiwan event, which was organized by alumni UBC Taiwan as the kick-start event in 2018, was well attended by 42 new students, guests, current students from the UBC Taiwanese Association, and 8 members of alumni UBC Taiwan.  It started with Justin Kao giving a brief presentation on UBC and its alumni group in Taiwan, followed by the icebreaker event led by Yves Lai and the sharing of career development experiences by our alumni : Yves Lai, Jonathan Mok, and Kevin Lee. Chris, Alice, and Bella, as the current UBC undergraduate students going into their second year of study at UBC, offered their kind and generous tips on how to survive at UBC academically, financially, and spiritually.  Afterwards, new students and parents were not shy to mingle interactively with the alumni and current students by asking quite a huge number of questions about the life to be expected at UBC and after graduation, what program(s) would be recommended for meeting with the future career trends, and, most importantly, how to stay in touch after the UBC Bound! event!

South Korea – July 28, 2018

UBC Bound! South Korea

2018 UBC Bound! held successfully on Saturday the 28th of July. 34 attendants, alumni executives and volunteers consisting of both current students and recent graduates participated in the event. New students were given introduction to UBC, and crash-course advices covering not only smooth transition to campus life but also well-crafted strategy for career mapping and acceleration. New students were given time to introduce themselves, and mix-and-mingle with mentors over pizza and coke. We hope the new students are equipped with practical and effective advices and we wish them every success and fun in their academic journey in the world class learning environment.

Beijing – July 28, 2018

UBC Bound! Beijing

UBC Bound Beijing welcomed 63 new students, their parents, and our current student and alumni volunteers. While our incoming students arrived nervous, they all soon made friends after our volunteer-led ice breaker. After our volunteers all shared their UBC experiences, new students get to network with each other and have their questions answered by our experienced volunteers. We would like to thank everyone for joining us and we hope they will make many good memories at UBC. The very best of luck to them all!

Shanghai – July 29, 2018

UBC Bound! Shanghai

UBC Bound! Shanghai 2018 opened with a game of human bingo for our 53 participants to warm up to the event. The event was met with great responses from our new students and parents as they network with our alumni and current student volunteers. Our new students get to make new friends and old as they talk with each other and interact with our volunteers to get tips on how to adjust to their new life in Canada as a university student. Welcome to our UBC community, first years, and we hope you will return next year as our volunteer!

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