Notes From Alumni – Share Kind Words with Current UBCO Students

Notes From Alumni

Words Matter – Help us share yours with current UBCO students

Remember what it was like to be a student? There were so many conflicting priorities! We are asking our alumni to take a moment to help to brighten a UBCO student’s day by writing them a quick note of advice or encouragement.

It’s an easy way to keep in touch with campus and the students no matter where in the world you are. Feel free to write whatever you would like, but please keep the tone light and friendly. Share your campus memories or secrets about the best spots to study or, of course, words of encouragement.

Our goal is to have 1500 cards filled out by UBCO alumni (or any UBC alumni in the Okanagan). Then, throughout the upcoming school year, we will distribute the cards by hand to students.

What do I need do?

Simply fill out the postcard with your message and your contact information. You can fill out as many as you like, the more the better…1500 is a big goal! Then send the cards back to us in the self-addressed envelope. That’s it!

What will alumni UBC Okanagan do?

We will tear off the portion that includes your personal information and then distribute the completed postcards at student events like Create and then specific times throughout the year, such as exams, or whenever they may need a little personal contact.

How to get started

To request your postcards please email Krista Stokell at Please let us know how many postcards you’re planning on completing so we can send you an appropriate number.

Thank you so much for participating!

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