In Search of Happiness: Is there a secret to feeling content?

UBC Dialogues - In Search of Happiness: Is there a secret to feeling content?

What is the key to happiness? Is it family relationships? Wealth? Job satisfaction? Helping others? Perhaps we need to spend more time in nature, and less time in cities. And is happiness a universal feeling, or are there significant differences in the experience of it based on culture, age or other factors? There are so… Read more

Eradicating child poverty in BC: Where do we begin?

UBC Dialogues: Eradicating Child Poverty in BC: Where do we begin?

BC’s child poverty rate is the highest in Canada with close to 1 in 5 children living below the poverty line. For single-parent households, it’s nearly 1 in 2. Research suggests that children who have all of their basic needs met from an early age live longer, healthier, and more productive lives, while children brought… Read more

Why do people lie?

UBC Dialogues: Why do people lie?

There are many types of lies and many reasons for telling them. Deception has long been a tactic in business and in many aspects of life. We lie to our children, our parents, our significant others…But are all lies created equal? Does intent matter or are “white lies” a myth? Are some people born liars… Read more

Should we have the right to die?

UBC Dialogues - Should we have the right to die?

Some of us will never have to ask the question, “How do I want to die?” But for individuals with terminal illnesses or conditions that cause them chronic pain, it is a regular consideration. Assisted suicide remains illegal in Canada but public support is growing for individuals to have greater control over how and when… Read more

Is China becoming the new digital superpower?

As a result of government control over communications technology in China, a tech industry has emerged within China’s regulatory framework. WeChat, Weibo, Alibaba and Baidu are becoming global giants in the social media and e-commerce worlds, rivalling the dominant leaders in the West. As these Chinese tech communications companies start to look outwards from China’s… Read more

Who’s in charge: Why aren’t there more women in leadership roles?

Who's in charge: why aren't there more women in leadership roles?

For decades women have been fighting for workplace equality, and in many sectors, progress has been made. But in boardrooms and executive offices across the country, there remains a noticeable absence of women in senior leadership positions. What lies behind this gender imbalance? Is it due to deeply-ingrained biases by those making the appointments? Or… Read more

How can we protect our water?

UBC Dialogues: Okanagan - How can we protect our water?

What steps can we take to ensure our most valuable resource remains clean and abundant for years to come.