A Few of My Favourite Things in Taiwan


Taiwan may not be on your radar yet – but it should be! There’s fabulous food, a trendy contemporary art scene, gorgeous scenery, clean and efficient infrastructure and, before it gets on the mainstream radar, great value. Asian art specialist and UBC alumna Susan Lahey will lead you and fellow UBC alumni on an 8-day… Read more

When it Comes to Your Career, a Little Entitlement Might Not Be Such a Bad Thing

Teamwork brainstorming planning meeting concept.

Recently I was coaching a mid-career alumna to make a career transition. She had found a new job posting that represented an exciting shift in direction. Though it was different than previous roles she’d held before, she had all the right qualifications. Our task together was to draw clear connections between her skills, strengths and past experience and the new role. All the necessary pieces were right there on her resume, they simply needed to be reframed

Top 5 Trek Stories of 2016


We’re celebrating a year full of enlightening and sometimes controversial stories in Trek magazine with the Top 5 Trek Stories of 2016. The most popular articles of 2016 ranged from the benefits and risks of playing the rabidly popular Pokemon Go to new UBC research that is turning long-held beliefs on nutrition on their head. There is… Read more

Top 5 Podcasts of 2016

2016 was an amazing year. We hosted a packed calendar of events connecting alumni in new and meaningful ways, celebrated two UBC graduating classes in the new Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre, and expanded our alumni career development programs and services. To celebrate, we’ve put together a special playlist for you of our Top 5… Read more

Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre is Officially LEED Gold Certified

Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre

We are pleased to announce that the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre has been officially certified as a LEED Gold project by the Canada Green Building Council. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is one of the most common certification standards for sustainably constructing buildings. The project was certified with 64… Read more

Are You Living Someone Else’s Work Life?

Are You Living Someone Else's Work Life?

Why work? It seems like a simple question but it’s generally a tough one for people to answer. Working is something that most of us take for granted in our lives, something that we just do, something we know we have to do, or ought to do, or want to do. But we rarely take… Read more

Are Business Cards Obsolete?

Are Business Cards Obsolete?

In preparation for an upcoming networking event for UBC alumni, I sent out an email this week reminding participants to bring their business cards with them. They will need them for a networking activity I am planning. I was surprised when so many replied saying they don’t carry business cards. Wait-You don’t carry cards? Really? Business… Read more

Holiday Central at the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre

Holiday Central at the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre

This December, the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre (6163 University Boulevard, UBC’s Vancouver campus) will become Holiday Central. The holiday season kicked off with Cocktails and Carols on December 2nd and the festivities will continue until the 23rd with a Christmas Tree Competition, with trees decorated by teams made up of members of the campus community. Throughout… Read more

Networking Tips for Career Advancement

alumNights at the Vancouver Art Gallery

Networking is the most powerful career advancement tool there is. Yet no matter how many experts insist that developing and nurturing professional connections is vital to career success, networking remains the best kept secret in career development. If you are job seeking or hoping to advance your current role, and you are not networking on… Read more