Learning from nature: setting a new cadence

The last 6-months have been busy for people. Extraordinarily busy keeping our spirits high. So much change. Work shifts, homeschooling children and so much worrying of what’s to come. Just as nature was bustling with growth, we too were in a season of extraordinary busy. And now, if we surrender and listen to nature, take… Read more

Fostering a culture of trust and embracing failure

Fostering a culture of trust and embracing failure

Have you ever been afraid to try something new? To give your opinion during a meeting? To suggest a new idea to your group? Many of us are familiar with that little inner voice that tells us it is better to do nothing than to risk failure. Let’s change the narrative on what it means… Read more

Looking Back: Alumni to Alumni

This past spring, we launched a new social media program called Alumni to Alumni. Each week, we posted questions sent in by current students and recent graduates on our alumni UBC social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn). We then invited alumni like you to provide advice in the comments below each post. The… Read more

Living an Intentional Life

The fall months have often marked a significant time for change. Students return to school, warm weather fades, and we enter the final months of the calendar year. In 2020 change is more potent than ever before. In the midst of a global pandemic and with palpable tensions marked by injustice and inequality, people are… Read more

Finding Your First “Real” Job in 2020


The first half of 2020 has proven to be remarkably eventful. A global pandemic has gripped virtually every person in almost every country around the world. Social justice movements are accelerating in attempts to bring greater equity to marginalized communities. News cycles have increased in speed, presenting to us our changing world, minute-by-minute. In this… Read more

Quiet Leadership – Follow Up Q&A

Webinar - Quiet Leadership featuring Faris Khalifeh

Recently, Quiet Confidence Coach, Faris Khalifeh joined us to lead a webinar on the topic of Quiet Leadership. There were several questions posed by attendees and while we could not respond to all of them, you will find the remainder of them answered by Faris below. Do you find extroverts to be less empathetic and… Read more

How the Coronavirus Will Affect Your Job Search

As COVID-19 hit, it felt like businesses split into two parts; some went into survival mode, while others were able to thrive. The impact on the economy, job market, individual employees and job seekers is (and will continue to be) one that is challenging, and ever changing. While it will always be easy to find… Read more

Growing Industries and Job Opportunities

Who’s hiring now? Job searching is challenging at the best of times. With the economy taking a massive hit right now due to Covid-19, many people are faced with losing their jobs while others are graduating into an economy with seemingly limited opportunities. There is a light on the horizon and hope is certainly not… Read more

Lessons from the Class of 2008

For the Class of 2020, graduation is a time like no other in history. The current global pandemic and its impact on the world has left many feeling more uncertain about their future than ever. alumni UBC looked back at other moments in history that have had somewhat similar impacts on the graduating class. Through… Read more

Two Ways to Stop Procrastinating   

Isabeau Iqbal

How often do you set a goal, and then stall when it comes to taking action on it?  Even when the goal is something you’re excited about and deeply desire, you may notice that you avoid taking steps that would lead you towards achieving that goal.  Procrastination, the act of delaying or postponing something that… Read more

Top Five New Grad Career Resources

For many new graduates, this time of transition may seem uncertain and ambiguous. This time of transition can also seem rewarding. It allows us to explore new areas of personal and professional development and strengthen our positive habits. alumni UBC has chosen to highlight several of our top resources for graduating students to help make… Read more

Leadership Lessons: Careers Vlog #1 featuring Kim Kiloh, BSc’01

Leadership Lessons: Careers Vlog #1 featuring Kim Kiloh, BSc’01

alumni UBC is excited to launch its first video in our career vlog series. This series will include conversations around leadership and career development.  In our first vlog, Kim Kiloh, Director, Centre for Student Involvement & Careers, joins us to discuss her leadership experience and shares her advice on how to strengthen leadership skills. Look… Read more