Top Five New Grad Career Resources

For many new graduates, this time of transition may seem uncertain and ambiguous. This time of transition can also seem rewarding. It allows us to explore new areas of personal and professional development and strengthen our positive habits. alumni UBC has chosen to highlight several of our top resources for graduating students to help make… Read more

Leadership Lessons: Careers Vlog #1 featuring Kim Kiloh, BSc’01

Leadership Lessons: Careers Vlog #1 featuring Kim Kiloh, BSc’01

alumni UBC is excited to launch its first video in our career vlog series. This series will include conversations around leadership and career development.  In our first vlog, Kim Kiloh, Director, Centre for Student Involvement & Careers, joins us to discuss her leadership experience and shares her advice on how to strengthen leadership skills. Look… Read more

Cultivating a Growth Mindset: Shifting from Good to Great

Sheri Eastman, BA’89

This concept of mindset became popular through the research of Carol Dweck who identified that many of us have either a fixed or growth mindset. Her conclusion is that people with a growth mindset will generally prosper over those with a fixed mindset.

Make It Easy For Them To Help You

Jan Jettel, BA'05 MBA'12

Why having a specific call-to-action is important when reaching out to your network. As a UBC Alumni Ambassador in San Francisco, California, I regularly get emails and messages on LinkedIn from current students and recent graduates interested in a career in the Silicon Valley. Here’s an example of a message I will receive following an… Read more

Leadership Lessons: Key Insights from our Leadership Series Kick-Off Event

Leadership Lessons: Key Insights from our Leadership Series Kick-Off Event The alumni UBC Career Development program kicked off our year-long leadership series with an alumNIGHTS: Leadership Lessons event last week. Alumni, current UBC students, and members of the community came out to hear about leadership from our esteemed host Shelina Esmail, BA’93, moderator Robin Gill,… Read more

Holiday Gift-Giving Made Easy

Holiday gift-giving made easy

With the holidays just around the corner, you’re likely trying to figure out what to buy for everyone on your list. Let us help! We’ve curated a selection of gift ideas that will meet the needs of every aunt, uncle, little brother, cousin…you get the idea. We’ve got something for everyone. Put your benefits to… Read more

Defining Your Leadership Style

Brad Samis

Early in my career, I joined a consulting firm and accepted a role focused on project-based work. The role offered the opportunity to travel, work with multi-national organizations, and develop solutions for sensitive business risks. It was an exciting experience, and every few months I would start a project that introduced a new client, a… Read more

Leadership. The “New” Management

Magdalena Blasiak

In the early days of my career, I was fortunate to be taken under the wing of managers who were exceptional leaders. One became my mentor. Her leadership utilized the power of listening and questioning; giving space to figure out my own answers to problems to gain footing as a leader. Her title was “Manager”… Read more

Transitioning to Winter: How to Manage Your Energy

Webinar - Managing Your Energy at Work

Autumn is like the sunset of the seasons. At first the world is more colourful. Then, the days become shorter, darker and less inviting outside. In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s easy to shrug this off as something we should simply tolerate. But rather than quietly suffer through it, what if fall is a disguised opportunity… Read more

The Courage to Network: Four Simple Steps

Being confident in a new environment doesn’t always come naturally. The ability to network and meet with new people becomes easier with time and experience, but what about when you’re just starting out? Or starting over? How can you quickly begin to ingratiate yourself and build up rapport? As someone working in Business Development, I… Read more