Six UBC Alumni Make 2017 BC Business Top 30 Under 30

Six UBC alumni made the BC Business Top 30 Under 30 for 2017. Congratulations to all of them! Harrison Brown, MSc’13 (Kinesiology) – Co-founder & CEO, HeadCheck Health Inc. Vanessa Chase Lockshin, BA’10 (English) – President, The Storytelling Non-Profit Parker McLean, BA’10 (Geography) – Founder & Creative Director, In the Rye Creative Annee Ngo, BA’11… Read more

Q&A With Professional Presence Expert Katherine Lazaruk, BEd’95: A Follow Up to the Live Webinar

Q&A With Professional Presence Expert Katherine Lazaruk, BEd'95: A Follow Up to the Live Webinar

Want to learn how to create and leverage a strong personal brand to achieve more professional success? alumni UBC recently presented a live career webinar where alumna Katherine Lazaruk, BEd’95, one of Vancouver’s most sought-after professional presence experts, offered her top tips and tricks. Following the webinar, Katherine participated in a Q&A with Alumni Career Educator, Michele Murphy, MA’10.

My Big Night Out in Antarctica

Camping in the Antarctic Circle

You may never have considered camping in the snow without a tent in Antarctica, but now is the time to add it to your bucket list. Worldwide Quest’s Laurielle Penny recalls her experience of camping without a tent on the Antarctic Peninsula: After an amazing day exploring at Orne Harbour and Neko Harbour along the Antarctic… Read more

The Power of Constructive Feedback, and How to Harness it

Two women shaking hands in an office, giving feedback

Truly great leaders know how to effectively give constructive feedback. It’s a difficult skill to master, but fundamental to the professional growth of both individuals and organizations. As challenging as it is to provide feedback, it can be just as hard to receive it. The feeling that we are being criticized triggers defensiveness, which in turn… Read more

A Few of My Favourite Things in Taiwan


Taiwan may not be on your radar yet – but it should be! There’s fabulous food, a trendy contemporary art scene, gorgeous scenery, clean and efficient infrastructure and, before it gets on the mainstream radar, great value. Asian art specialist and UBC alumna Susan Lahey may lead you and fellow UBC alumni on a future… Read more

When it Comes to Your Career, a Little Entitlement Might Not Be Such a Bad Thing

Millennial teamwork brainstorming planning meeting concept. Can entitlement be leveraged in a positive way?

Recently I was coaching a mid-career alumna to make a career transition. She had found a new job posting that represented an exciting shift in direction. Though it was different than previous roles she’d held before, she had all the right qualifications. Our task together was to draw clear connections between her skills, strengths and past experience and the new role. All the necessary pieces were right there on her resume, they simply needed to be reframed

Top 5 Trek Stories of 2016

Top 5 Trek stories of 2016

We’re celebrating a year full of enlightening and sometimes controversial stories in Trek magazine with the Top 5 Trek Stories of 2016. The most popular articles of 2016 ranged from the benefits and risks of playing the rabidly popular Pokemon Go to new UBC research that is turning long-held beliefs on nutrition on their head. There is… Read more

Top 5 Podcasts of 2016

2016 was an amazing year. We hosted a packed calendar of events connecting alumni in new and meaningful ways, celebrated two UBC graduating classes in the new Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre, and expanded our alumni career development programs and services. To celebrate, we’ve put together a special playlist for you of our Top 5… Read more

Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre is Officially LEED Gold Certified

Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre

We are pleased to announce that the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre has been officially certified as a LEED Gold project by the Canada Green Building Council. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is one of the most common certification standards for sustainably constructing buildings. The project was certified with 64… Read more