Transitioning to Winter: How to Manage Your Energy

Webinar - Managing Your Energy at Work

Autumn is like the sunset of the seasons. At first the world is more colourful. Then, the days become shorter, darker and less inviting outside. In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s easy to shrug this off as something we should simply tolerate. But rather than quietly suffer through it, what if fall is a disguised opportunity… Read more

The Courage to Network: Four Simple Steps

Being confident in a new environment doesn’t always come naturally. The ability to network and meet with new people becomes easier with time and experience, but what about when you’re just starting out? Or starting over? How can you quickly begin to ingratiate yourself and build up rapport? As someone working in Business Development, I… Read more

Your first 90 days, hit the ground running

Nicole Yeasting and colleagues

Before my last career change, I was introduced to an incredibly helpful book, The First 90 Days: Proven Strategies for Getting up to Speed Faster and Smarter by Michael D. Watkins. This book became an essential guide as I started my new role. Watkins argues that your first 90 days in a new role is… Read more

How to build hope and momentum in a zone of unknown

Leah Marks as Daisy the Clown

I have enjoyed many careers. I was Daisy the Clown, a college instructor, primary caregiver, a University Academic Advisor and most recently, a Registered Clinical Counsellor in private practice. This is my 10th career transition. Through each career I derived a sense of identity, purpose, and worth. In each career transition, I felt self-critical, fearful,… Read more

3 ways to use your strengths to craft resume statements

Isabeau Iqbal

In comparison to the time you invest in crafting your resume, employers spend only a fraction of that time reviewing it. For your resume to make it to the list of “to consider” candidates, you need to provide clear evidence that you possess the right strengths and experience for the advertised position. In this post,… Read more

Time is Of the Essence: The Eight Hour Dilemma

Forest Kong, BA'18

“When one chapter closes, another opens”. Gone were the long bus rides to campus, the weekly VSEUS meetings, and days of frantically cramming for exams the night before. The idea of having to face new challenges in life seemed so expectable, yet that reality did not set in for me until my last moments on… Read more

Ten Podcasts to Boost your Career


I love a good podcast. Although, truthfully, I really only started enjoying them quite recently. I am more of a visual learner; and it was difficult to adapt at first.  However, I decided to try it again and I found so much joy tapping into this super popular medium covering so many topics – including… Read more

Four Tips when Handling a Difficult Conversation

Difficult Conversations

There are very few people who feel comfortable having difficult conversations with someone on their team, their supervisor or even in their personal lives. But they are so important as you move forward in your career.  To reframe the idea,  I like to think of them as courageous conversations. Tough and direct conversations can be… Read more

What’s on your mind? The power of journaling


For a lot of people, the thought of journaling sounds like writing in a diary, but it can be much more than that. Journaling is a powerful outlet to jot down thoughts, questions or insights, and it can help settle the brain and create greater self-awareness; a key component in career self-management.

Millennial Voices: Why Job Hopping Can Be a Good Thing for Your Career

Mariam Aamir, BA’17 is a proud UBC alumna currently living in Montreal, Quebec. In this article, she reflects on her own career journey since graduation and shares some of the positive learning and career growth that can come from “job hopping.” Millennials tend to change careers at a faster rate than any other generation. 25%… Read more

Stepping Up to Leadership Follow-up Vlog #2

Stepping Up to Leadership Follow-up Vlog #2

After an overwhelming positive response to alumni UBC’s Stepping Up to Leadership webinar featuring guest presenter Katherine Lazaruk, we received additional questions and feedback afterwards. We asked Katherine to respond to these inquiries in the form of two vlogs. This is the second one. You can view the first here. View the original Stepping Up… Read more