Marketing Your Best Self Online

Social Brand Inc. - Amplify Online Impact

Today’s alumni UBC Live Career Webinar featured social media maven Nicola Fairweather, owner of Social Brand Inc., a digital marketing agency in Vancouver. No one knows more about social media and online branding than Nicola so the presentation was rich with valuable tips and strategies for setting up and maintaining a consistent online brand across… Read more

Q&A With Professional Presence Expert Katherine Lazaruk, BEd’95: A Follow Up to the Live Webinar

Q&A With Professional Presence Expert Katherine Lazaruk, BEd'95: A Follow Up to the Live Webinar

Want to learn how to create and leverage a strong personal brand to achieve more professional success? alumni UBC recently presented a live career webinar where alumna Katherine Lazaruk, BEd’95, one of Vancouver’s most sought-after professional presence experts, offered her top tips and tricks. Following the webinar, Katherine participated in a Q&A with Alumni Career Educator, Michele Murphy, MA’10.

The Power of Constructive Feedback, and How to Harness it

Two women shaking hands in an office, giving feedback

Truly great leaders know how to effectively give constructive feedback. It’s a difficult skill to master, but fundamental to the professional growth of both individuals and organizations. As challenging as it is to provide feedback, it can be just as hard to receive it. The feeling that we are being criticized triggers defensiveness, which in turn… Read more

When it Comes to Your Career, a Little Entitlement Might Not Be Such a Bad Thing

Millennial teamwork brainstorming planning meeting concept. Can entitlement be leveraged in a positive way?

Recently I was coaching a mid-career alumna to make a career transition. She had found a new job posting that represented an exciting shift in direction. Though it was different than previous roles she’d held before, she had all the right qualifications. Our task together was to draw clear connections between her skills, strengths and past experience and the new role. All the necessary pieces were right there on her resume, they simply needed to be reframed

Are You Living Someone Else’s Work Life?

Are You Living Someone Else's Work Life?

Why work? It seems like a simple question but it’s generally a tough one for people to answer. Working is something that most of us take for granted in our lives, something that we just do, something we know we have to do, or ought to do, or want to do. But we rarely take… Read more

Are Business Cards Obsolete?

Are Business Cards Obsolete?

In preparation for an upcoming networking event for UBC alumni, I sent out an email this week reminding participants to bring their business cards with them. They will need them for a networking activity I am planning. I was surprised when so many replied saying they don’t carry business cards. Wait-You don’t carry cards? Really?… Read more

Networking Tips for Career Advancement

alumNights at the Vancouver Art Gallery

Networking is the most powerful career advancement tool there is. Yet no matter how many experts insist that developing and nurturing professional connections is vital to career success, networking remains the best kept secret in career development. If you are job seeking or hoping to advance your current role, and you are not networking on… Read more

Follow Your Bliss (And Other Terrible Career Advice)

Follow Your Bliss (And Other Terrible Career Advice)

You’ve probably come across that famous career quote by Steve Jobs, the one telling you not to settle, to do what you love. Although this piece of advice earned Jobs a standing ovation at the Stanford commencement, his own career does not reflect this approach. If Steve Jobs had taken his own advice, Apple never… Read more