Recap of UBC Bound! 2018

This summer, in cities across Asia, UBC alumni connected and shared stories and advice with incoming UBC students. Here are recaps and photos from the UBC Bound! meet-ups, submitted by the alumni volunteers.

Stepping Up to Leadership Follow-up Vlog #1

Stepping Up to Leadership Follow-up Vlog #1

Hundreds of UBC alumni attended alumni UBC’s live webinar on Stepping Up to Leadership, featuring guest presenter Katherine Lazaruk, BEd’95. The topic was so resonant that we’ve continued to receive questions and feedback. We invited Katherine to respond to these questions in two vlogs. This is the first. Please share your feedback and reactions in… Read more

Job Search Strategies for Graduate Students

Whether you are seeking an academic career or hoping to take a different career path with your graduate degree, this article by UBC professor and UBC alumna Dr. Kim Snowden provides valuable insight and strategies for your job search after graduate school.

The Job Search Tool You Need Right Now

There are countless articles written about the job search. They often contain resources to help you develop a strong network, create a winning professional brand, write a resume with impact, market yourself effectively on line, and ace the interview.

But they may not address the one thing you need the most: resilience.

Why You Should Learn to Love Constructive Feedback

Most people prefer praise to criticism. It simply feels better to hear that we are doing everything right instead of acknowledging the places we need to grow. But if you react negatively to constructive feedback, you are missing a valuable opportunity.

Kickstart Your Career After Graduation

We are proud to welcome our Spring 2018 graduates into the alumni UBC family. Here are some post-graduation strategies to help you start strong on your career. Update (or Create) Your LinkedIn Profile LinkedIn is the digital home to millions of professionals around the world. Keep your profile current and maintain an active presence on… Read more

Redirection: Finding a New Career after 55

What ever happened to Freedom 55? This popular 1989 life insurance ad came with a clear message: “Plan for your retirement today and you’ll be able to leave work at 55!” Much has changed since 1989. Nowadays many Canadians wonder if they will be able to retire at 65 never mind 55. Perhaps you are… Read more

How To Find an Alumni Mentor

alumni UBC has launched a new online mentorship program. If you are a graduate of UBC or a current student, alumni mentors are available now to connect with you.  This is a powerful way to tap into the collective knowledge, wisdom and experience of your alumni UBC network. What Kind of Assistance Can Mentors Provide? Every mentor… Read more

Don’t Overlook the Largest Network You Have

Don’t Overlook the Largest Network You Have

This month the alumni UBC 100 campaign drew to a close, bringing an end to our 100th birthday celebrations. In the last century over 325,000 people graduated from the University of British Columbia, and we now have active and engaged alumni groups all over the globe. As a graduate of UBC, the alumni community is… Read more

Celebrating the Close of alumni UBC 100: Year-in-Review Video

Celebrating the Close of alumni UBC 100: Year-in-Review Video

On May 4, 1917, a small group of UBC’s first graduates formed what is now alumni UBC. May 4, 2018, marks the close of our year-long 100th anniversary celebrations. We launched alumni UBC 100 with the goal of making 100,000 alumni connections. It turns out that we should have set our sights much higher! Find… Read more