My Big Night Out in Antarctica

Camping in the Antarctic Circle

You may never have considered camping in the snow without a tent in Antarctica, but now is the time to add it to your bucket list. Worldwide Quest’s Laurielle Penny recalls her experience of camping without a tent on the Antarctic Peninsula: After an amazing day exploring at Orne Harbour and Neko Harbour along the Antarctic… Read more

A Few of My Favourite Things in Taiwan


Taiwan may not be on your radar yet – but it should be! There’s fabulous food, a trendy contemporary art scene, gorgeous scenery, clean and efficient infrastructure and, before it gets on the mainstream radar, great value. Asian art specialist and UBC alumna Susan Lahey may lead you and fellow UBC alumni on a future… Read more

A Kopje Story in the Serengeti

Kopjes in Tanzania

On the alumni UBC safari through Tanzania in February, 2017, tour leader and UBC alumnus Greg Sharam plans to host a picnic or two atop a kopje. When Dr. Sharam lived and studied in the Serengeti, he spent a particularly memorable evening around a campfire on a kopje during the great wildebeest migration. Read his stirring account.

Two Japanese recipes from alumni UBC travel leaders Diane and Doug Clement


Diane and Doug travel the world and find inspiration through the culture’s cuisine. They recently led an alumni UBC group tour through Japan called Japan: Food, Fitness and Healthy Ageing. They returned home with two special recipes to share with us. You can find the recipes on our travel partner, Worldwide Quest’s site.

Across Southeast Asia

Buddha in traffic - Bangkok

Our intrepid group of travellers set off to follow and learn about migration routes of Chinese people, most coming from Guangdong Province in China and travelling through Southeast Asian trading areas, while exploring the culture of the traditional shops houses, restaurants and cuisine.

Welcome to the Jungle

This November, our group of alumni UBC travellers headed off on an expedition tour to the Amazon Basin in Peru. Beyond our adventurous spirits, there were some things that brought us together in fun, friendship and learning during our exciting week: Wildlife – I think it’s safe to say that more than a few of… Read more

Incredible photos from our 2013 Symphony on the Danube Tour

This past September, UBC alumni travellers joined travellers from other North American universities on a river cruise down the Danube. Nancy Hermiston, Professor of Voice and Stage Director Head, UBC Voice and Opera Divisions (as well as the University Marshal) hosted the travellers as they explored the cultural highlights of the region. UBC travellers, Floyd… Read more

Images of Southern Africa

In late April, five UBC alumni and friends travelled to Southern Africa (South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe) as part of the UBC Alumni Travel Program. They joined alumni from other North American universities on an exciting and wildlife-filled two week trip. Here are some photos from the voyage. Photos Look like something you would be… Read more

Tulip Time in Holland

Tulip Time in Holland

Alumnus Gary Lewis was the UBC Host on the Waterways of Holland and Belgium trip featuring Floriade World Horticultural Exposition, April 14-22, 2012 and has been kind enough to let us publish his experience on our blog.

Canada’s Northwest Passage – Summer 2011

This summer 41 UBC alumni and friends participated in a UBC Alumni Travel Program expedition to the Canadian Arctic and the legendary Northwest Passage. Friendships and memories were made. Presentations, conversations and learning accompanied our exploration of the great outdoors. Many photos were taken. Yes, there were polar bears! Here are a few of them… Read more