Managing Your Energy at Work: Simple habits for better productivity and creativity, featuring Cole Nakatani, BCom’11

Webinar - Managing Your Energy at Work

Energy, in a human context, is your capacity to do work, play and be creative. It’s the foundation of our ability to perform at our best.

In this webinar, you’ll uncover what is draining your energy, and how you can create simple habits to restore and protect it. You’ll learn how to design deliberate practices that build your capacities, and apply this to your most important projects. You’ll walk away with a new perspective on how you work, and tangible actions that will enhance your productivity, creativity and collaboration.

Networking with Style featuring Katherine Lazaruk, BMus’93, BEd’95

Networking with Style - Featuring Katherine Lazaruk, BMus'93, BEd'95 - Sponsored by Manulife

Have you ever attended a professional event and felt nervous and awkward when starting a conversation with strangers? Perhaps you find it difficult to engage in small talk and end up wondering if the conversation was meaningful or impactful?

If you’ve ever wondered what to say, or how to network effectively, articulate your professional brand, and gracefully exit the conversation, this webinar is for you.

Join Katherine Lazaruk, BMus’93, BEd’95, as she shares three things to remember the next time you participate in a networking event and strategies of how to successfully navigate a party of two…or two thousand.

Overcoming Fear in the Second Act of your Career featuring Nikola Girke, BHK’99

Webinar - Overcoming Fear in the Second Act of your Career - Sponsored by Manulife

People are creatures of habit, associating change with risk and seeing it as something to fear. However, diving into the unknown can lead us to some of the best decisions of our careers, or lives. Nikola Girke, BHK’99, is a four-time Olympian in the sport of sailing and is one of only a few elite athletes who have achieved a top 10 in the world across three different sport disciplines. Hear Nikola’s story about how she made the transition from an athlete to a Certified Executive Coach by embracing emotions of change. Learn how she eased into the process of transitioning careers and how she has celebrated the change.

Building a Culture of Employee Engagement featuring Nicole Yeasting, BA’11 and Julie Jenkins, MA

Webinar: Building a Culture of Employee Engagement. Sponsored by Manulife.

Take a moment and think about your engagement at work. If you had to give yourself a rating from 1-10, with 10 being exceptionally engaged, how would you rate yourself?

Organizations spend a significant amount of time and resources elevating their engagement scores. And for good reason. Employee engagement has been linked to higher retention rates, lower turnover, less sick days, higher productivity and more. These essential ingredients enable organizations to achieve successful business outcomes.

As employees, we often look to our organization to help us be more engaged. We also need to recognize our own ability to take engagement into our own hands. Hear about how other workplaces are dealing with this issue and learn skills to become an advocate for a more engaging workplace.

Your Best Team – featuring Magdalena Blasiak, BA’99

Webinar - Your Best Team: What does it take to succeed? Featuring Magdalena Blasiak, BA'99. Sponsored by Manulife

Who runs the world? Teams! At the heart of any organization you will find people. And what do people do? They work together on projects and initiatives. In this webinar, we will explore concepts of team development, teaming virtually and how any team can move from dysfunction into function.

Working in the Age of Automation: Myths and Realities, featuring Viet Vu, BA’16, MSc

Webinar - Working in the Age of Automation: Myths and Realities, featuring Viet Vu, BA'16, MSc (LSE). Sponsored by Manulife.

In this webinar, Viet Vu, BA’16, MSc, a researcher from the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship, will help you understand the impact of automation to Canadian workers and economy and will demystify myths surrounding automation: what it is, how it happens, and what it means for the future of work.

Viet will address some of the biggest fears and misconceptions of automation and will focus on what actions each of us can take to ensure we maximize the benefits of automation for all.

Thriving in the Workplace featuring Miranda Massie, BA’08

Webinar - Thrive in the Workplace: Understanding Stress, Burnout and the Importance of Workplace Wellbeing, featuring Miranda Massie, BA'08. Sponsored by Manulife

Maintaining a successful career is so much more than landing the perfect position. A prosperous worklife also involves self-management, skill development and ongoing resilience. Building this resilience begins with self-awareness and knowledge.

Join Miranda Massie, BA’08, Health Promotion Specialist at the University of British Columbia, for this informative session on stress, burnout and workplace wellbeing. Participants will learn about the relevance of workplace wellbeing to overall health (individual and organizational). They will gain an understanding of the stress response and how to recognize stress in themselves. Participants will take away knowledge about burnout and effective coping strategies to support successful and sustainable careers.

Say YES to Success featuring Dr. Pedro Cortina, MEd’06

Say "Yes" to Success, featuring Dr. Pedro Cortina, MEd'06

Have you ever noticed how often we create barriers to our own success? Whether it’s caused by self-doubt, negative anticipation, or a general feeling that things are not going our way, a negative mindset can lead us to hold back, doubt our own potential, and sabotage our career success. In this webinar, Dr. Pedro Cortina, Managing Partner at the Innerland Institute, will lead us on an exploration of the ways to identify and transform these self-made obstacles into clear and actionable opportunities.

Worlds Collide: Social Change and Finance featuring Andrea Barrios, BCom’10

Webinar - Worlds Collide: Social Change and Finance, featuring Andrea Barrios, BCom'10 - Sponsored by Manulife

There is a new movement capturing the attention of mainstream investors as an emergence of a new set of financing solutions – spurred by innovative collaborations between public and private sectors – have overcome traditional barriers to channel private investment for environmental and social good.

Join Andrea Barrios, BCom’10, Innovative Finance Analyst at the Rockefeller Foundation, live from New York City and learn how you can leverage your career and find new opportunities in this emerging space.

Similar but Different: Tips and Tricks for Living and Working in the United States featuring Barney Ellis-Perry, BA’87

Webinar - Similar but Different: Tips and tricks for living and working in the United States with Barney Ellis-Perry, BA'87

Moving to the US can be daunting but rewarding. Join UBC alumnus, Barney Ellis-Perry, BA’87, reporting live from LA, for a conversation covering five topics everyone needs to consider: legal, financial, social, work culture and health care.

Participants will leave the session with a list of key questions they need to ask their future employer, their other half, and themselves before they look south.