Michael Kroutil BA’07

A little over 2 years from the day I left my desk, I had the best office view imaginable – this one from 36,000 feet.

Cynthia Ng, MLIS’12

Take advantage of all your job has to offer, especially outside of the organization, to meet others in the field and network. External contact is invaluable for generating new ideas, ways of looking at things, and support that you may not find internally. It may also open up new paths in your career.

Chris Lennon, JD’07

More than anything else, my degree programs taught me skills to research, analyze issues, and learn. I use those skills everyday.

Carol McAndrew, BEd’77

It is valuable to engage in professional development each year and create a plan to challenge yourself to be a life-long learner. Working with colleagues in an inquiry process, as well as being part of your professional associations all help shape the direction of your field.

Brenda Yuen, BA’09

During my studies at UBC, education was not on my radar at all. Between school years, I spent summers in Hong Kong and taught English to young children as a summer job. I realized that I enjoyed it and that it could be something to look into as a career option.

Aarondeep (Aaron) Bains, BA’11

When I was in law school, I thought that I would be an international trade litigator (I even have litigation robes).  However, as I met more people that I enjoyed working with and work that I enjoyed doing, I found myself practicing corporate finance law.  What helped shape by career most thus far has been the people I have worked with – good people and good mentorship will take you to the right job.

David Fraser, MASc’88

David Fraser

I had always wanted to travel overseas so jumped at the chance to work in Iceland. This led to being accepted to work in Japan. My Japanese work experience lead to me being hired by the reverse engineering company. Working at the reverse engineering company led to me becoming a patent agent.

Ted Maddess, BSc’80

I think maintaining a positive attitude is very important. I’ve had setbacks but generally speaking, after a little reflection, you can see what you learned from the thing that didn’t work out and use it to your advantage later.

Lily Liang, BSc’11

During my years at UBC, I participated in the co-op program, and had the opportunity to try out many different professional jobs, such as accounting and business analysis. Although I could do those jobs well, and even received offers to stay on permanently, I never gave up searching for that “dream job.”

Lesley Taylor, MEd’97

My ‘aha’ moment was when I realized that I had become a leader. When I was younger I did not think of myself as leadership material but other people saw the potential in me and I was regularly singled out for leadership opportunities.

Carmen Lee, BA’01

Carmen Lee, BA'01

UBC alumna, Carmen Lee, BA’01 (Political Science & International Relations) discusses some of the lessons she’s learned in her career, including the value of mentorship and importance of networking.

Hinda Avery, PhD ’93

My happiest times at UBC were during my visual art classes, where I was able to learn from and work with wonderful instructors. The skills I gained during my time at UBC have helped my current art.