Julie Sheppard, BScF’15, MF’17

Julie Sheppard currently works as Stewardship Forester in the Ministry of Forest Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development. Julie is based out of Burns Lake, B.C. and shares her experience working in government and with various stakeholders. We asked Julie about her career advice and her leadership lessons. Tell us about your role My… Read more

Marty Stanowich, MBA ’14

What is your best career advice? The best way to future-proof your career is that whatever role you take, at any company, in any career…be a problem solver. Take “I don’t know” as a rallying cry to figure stuff out. Life and careers change, but having the curiosity to tackle problems will only make you… Read more

Chris Howe, BA’15

Chris Howe

Chris Howe, BA’15, works as Operating Manager at GrantMe. Chris is an active member of the Young Thunderbird Alumni Council and serves on the advisory alumni council for the Men’s Volleyball program.

Julia Zhu, BSc (Pharm) ‘08

Julia Zhu

Julia Zhu, BSc’08, is Specialty Pharmacy Manager for Shoppers Drug Mart Specialty Health Network. In her day to day she manages operations of the specialty pharmacy and facility. She leads her team on operational excellence to ensure high quality patient care.

Aisha Tejani, BCom’08

Aisha Tejani

Aisha Tejani, BCom’08 is a WorkBC Employment Coach for the YMCA. She helps people with barriers find work that is meaningful and sustainable. Find out how Aisha is mindful about her goal-setting objectives for the year and how reflecting on the past helps her plan for the future.

Dr. Christina Bjorndal, BCom’90

Dr. Christina Bjorndal, BCom’90

Dr. Christina Bjorndal, BCom’90 is the Clinical Owner of Natural Terrain Naturopathic Clinic & Naturopathic Doctor. She currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta and has shared her career advice, including her insights into what leadership means to her. What were some of the key skills you gained from your time at UBC? From my valedictorian speech:… Read more

Aarondeep Bains, BA’11

Aarondeep Baines, BA’11 works in a number of fast-paced environments. He finds leadership amongst those around him. Learn Aarondeep’s tips on being a great leader.

Varun Srivatsan, BIE’18

Varun Srivatsan, BIE’18

Varun Srivatsan, BIE’18 shares what leadership means to him, lessons he’s learned, and how UBC alumni can enter his field of work. He shares how being able to learn from others helps him become a better leader. Read more about Varun, currently working in Ottawa for the Parliamentary Budget Officer as a Research Assistant.

Victoria Velez, BA’10

Victoria Velez

Victoria Velez, BA’10 manages business operations at an entertainment and business law firm as Chief of Staff at Altman & Company. She shares the importance of taking initiative and being able to understand the people around you.

Crystal Chau, BSc’15

Crystal Chau, BSc’15

Crystal Chau, BSC’15 works for STEMCELL Technologies Inc. as a Research Associate. She shares her experience leading students and guiding them through their new roles and working together to reach a common goal. Crystal also shares her leadership experience with the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Unit managing and leading youth, as well as the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone.

Cicely Belle Blain, BA’16

Cicely Blain, BA'16

Last month we interviewed Cicely Belle Blain, BA’16 and one of the BC Business’ Top 30 under 30 award recipients. Cicely launched a Vancouver-based diversity and inclusion business earlier this year and has since attracted both local and global clients. Further in 2018, Cicely made the VanMag Power 50 list. What sparked your desire to… Read more

Meredith Adler, BA’12

Meredith Adler, BA'12

Briefly describe your career journey so far. My career has been a combination of three themes: youth empowerment, international work and energy. Student Energy works at the intersection of both and really combines both of my interests as we’re a global charity with a network of 50,000 youth in over 130 countries. We are building… Read more