Mark Sutherland, BSN’09

Mark Sutherland completed his Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2009. Since then Mark has worked as a nurse and has since transitioned to become a Policy Analyst at Provincial Health Services Authority in Vancouver. Marks shares his experience in the field and his advice for new and recent graduates. Tell us about your role… Read more

Namomba Shaputu, BA’20

Namomba Shaputu, BA’2020, is a part of the first graduating class since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Learn about Namomba’s experience looking for her first job post-graduation and how she addresses career ambiguity. What is your current city of residence? Vancouver, British Columbia What is your current career/job title? Commercial Banking Associate  What is your current… Read more

Jennifer Dowdeswell, BHK’01

Jennifer Dowdeswell currently works as an Organizational Development and Learning Manager at UBC. Jennifer shares how her work in sports and education and has helped her help others. Read about her story and advice for the Class of 2020. Tell us about your role After two decades away from UBC, I have returned to support… Read more

Alana Newton, BScN’01, MA(CNPS)’08

Alana Newton currently resides in Vancouver and shares her experience as a healthcare worker. Alana combined her skills gained in her undergraduate and graduate degrees from UBC and provides valuable advice for the Class of 2020. Tell us about your role I provide individual, group, and consultative psychotherapy and psychoeducation to those living with complex… Read more

Atila Ozkaplan, BHK’01, MSc’04

Atila Ozkaplan, BHK’01, MSc’04 currently lives in Connecticut, USA, and is the Vice President of Production Operations, Olympics for NBC Sports Group. Being involved with multiple Olympic Games, read what skill he learned on his very first job after graduation and how he’s still using it to this day. Tell us about your role I… Read more

Mauricio Lozano, MFS’09

Local entrepreneur and Faculty Brewery Co. owner and 0perator, Mauricio Lozano, MFS’09, had to quickly pivot his business model, be adaptable and resilient when the pandemic started in March 2020. Faculty Brewing Co is a micro-brewery and tasting lounge located in the Mount Pleasant area in Vancouver. We were fortunate to speak to Mauricio in… Read more

Gillian McKay, BSN’09

Gillian McKay, BSN’09 currently works as an Independent Consultant – Humanitarian Health Advisor in London, U.K. Following her first role as a Registered Nurse at VGH, Gillian’s work has taken her around the world. In this story, Gillian shares how the current Covid-19 pandemic is shaping her career and provides useful advice to the Class… Read more

Bruce Blackwell, BSF’84

In Spring 2019 the Faculty of Forestry reached out to alumni to hear about their career stories. Bruce Blackwell, BSF’84 shared his experience graduating during a recession and entering an uncertain job market. Read more about Bruce below. (This story was originally featured in Branchlines magazine, Spring 2019) Where’s There’s Fire, There’s Alumnus Bruce Blackwell… Read more

Serena Lusk, BHK’97

Serena Lusk, BHK’97 currently works as General Manager of Community Services for the City of Richmond. Serena shares her experience transitioning from school to the workplace and the useful skills she has gained in her “unplanned” career. Tell us about your role I lead one of five divisions in the City, which is Community Services…. Read more

Xiao Ping (Andy) Yue, BMgt’13, MA’16

Xiao Ping (Andy) Yue currently works as an entrepreneur with Magic Fruit English in Nanjing, China. Andy shares what he has learned during his time at UBC and also reflects on the skills he found valuable as a new graduate in a large organization. Andy also shares his advice for the Class of 2020, addressing… Read more

Michelle Cook, MJ’00

Michelle Cook, MJ’00 is currently working as Assistant Director, Planning and Events for the Government of Alberta and currently resides in Calgary. In a career spanning more than 20 years, Michelle has gained broad experience in the government, post-secondary education, and journalism sectors. She shares her thoughts on leadership and her experience working in government…. Read more

Angela Champ, BA’90

Angela Champ, BA’90 currently works as a Chief Human Resources Officer in Surrey, B.C. and has worked in financial services for several years. Angela shares her experience volunteering at an early age and discusses how volunteering has strengthened her feelings of community and purpose. Tell us about your role In my most recent role, my… Read more