Online Course – Intentional Career Growth: Take Your Next Professional Step with Confidence

Intentional Career Growth

Far too many senior level and mid-career professionals feel their career trajectory happened by accident, as opposed to occurring with intention and vision or are unsure of their own professional value.

This 9-week program is designed to help you move forward on your professional journey with intention and confidence. As an up and coming professional, a manager, senior manager, executive, entrepreneur, self-employed professional or other mid and later-career professional, you have or are in the process of creating a track record of experience and achievement.

We will focus on the building blocks and strategic levers of your professional journey and turn you into the product manager of your OWN career, pursuing your next professional step with intention and confidence.

Select Your Program Experience

The program kicks-off February 1, 2021 and ends April 6, 2021. We are offering the program in two variations: Cohort or Cohort + Coaching.

Cohort Program

UBC Alumni: $299 (Early bird pricing of $249 until December 31, 2020)
General Admission: $399 (Early bird pricing of $349 until December 31, 2020)

A 9-week online program, including:

  • Nine weekly modules with each module containing lesson videos and downloaded workbooks supported by comments and discussion;
  • A weekly webinar or live Q&A sessions; and
  • Weekly accountability email delivered each Friday

Cohort + Coaching (3 Sessions)

UBC Alumni regular: $849 (Early bird pricing of $799 until December 31, 2020)
General Admission: $999 (Early bird pricing of $949 until December 31, 2020)

This option adds the opportunity to work directly with a coach–a powerful experience to help you find clarity, think bigger and move forward with courage and purpose.

  • All of the core offerings, plus
  • Three 55-minute Coaching sessions (Video or phone) with a Certified Coach on the Bold Career team

Additional Coaching Add-Ons

  • Optional Add-On – Single 55-minute coaching session: $200
  • Optional Add-On – 3-Pack (Three 55-minute sessions): $550
  • Optional Add-On – 5-Pack (Five 55-minute sessions): $875

Register Online

Questions? Please contact

Program Overview:

Pre-Flight: Orient yourself to the learning site and begin to explore your powerful “why” and identify which of the five professional journey pathways you are currently facing.

Week 1
Elevate your awareness of the market from a strategic perspective. Re-frame your career as a professional journey and take stock of your current position and situation across key career performance indicators.

Weeks 2-4
Understand, shore up and leverage your core building blocks. We call these – professional assets. These include your experience, track record, professional expertise and capabilities and the drivers that form the “why” and “how” of your professional journey. You will develop an appreciation of your track record, your professional stories, your areas of expertise, your professional habitat and more.

Week 5
Understand different career pathways and next professional step types and explore how these fit with what you discovered in the previous modules. Begin to develop a vision based on your unique professional assets, interests and situation. Learn how to make better career decisions.

Week 6
Look outward to better understand your market and what you offer.

Weeks 7 & 8
These two weeks are focused your professional marketability. Learn how to influence the demand for you and your degrees of freedom. Understand, assess and create initial plans to move the strategic levers that help set you up for your next professional step by amplifying your reach and market power. We cover professional relationships, your reputation, your branding and profile, building your network, how to leverage LinkedIn and how to become more referable and in-demand. You’ll also be encouraged to take tangible steps while the program is running to strengthen this area.

Week 9
In the final week, we cover putting your plan into action, including dealing with roadblocks and success structures. You will receive templated work plans and checklists based on the different professional step types giving you an initial roadmap to follow as you put your vision into action.

When You Enroll in the Program, You Will Experience…

Strategic Insights
Like it or not, you are a seller (and buyer) in a marketplace for skills, expertise and value creation. We will raise your awareness of the market, the drivers you can exercise, and your influence over your professional journey.

As a seller (and buyer) in the marketplace, you must understand and manage you – the “product.” Who are you professionally? What is important to you? And where are you going?

Assess your career management strengths and weaknesses, your current risks and opportunities, your benchmark market power and professional relationship index

The problem with working “ON” your professional journey is that it doesn’t feel urgent. Until you’ve lost control. And then you are in crisis mode. In the program we will hold ourselves (and hopefully, each other) accountable.

Conversation & Community
You can go through this program without engaging with others. We hope though that you will enter into discussions, share insights and learnings and provide and receive support. It enriches the experience for you and the group.

And, Tangible Action
There will be enormous value in the learning, assessment and reflection described above. We want to take it a step further and get you to make tangible and valuable real-world actions to “level-up.”


What’s the Time Commitment?

  • Before and after assessments, each roughly 15-20 minutes
  • Each week there will be 3 lessons in the online environment totaling no more than 35 minutes of video teaching content.
  • In addition, there are actions attached to the modules including working through questions in the workbooks or taking tangible action. The time commitment will vary based on your professional situation and learning style. Participants average weekly time on this ranged from 30-60min for the lighter modules to 2-3 hours for the heaviest modules.
  • Each lesson will have a comments section and we encourage discussion.
  • You will be invited to do an “accountability” report between Friday – Sunday. While this is up to you, you are highly encouraged to hold yourself accountable.

Can my participation in the program be anonymous or confidential?

That depends on your preference. When you sign-up, your default name is your first and last name, which identifies you in the comments. This can be changed to something less identifiable, if you so choose. Please contact to accommodate the request.

Do I need to be available at specific times?

No, you can access the program at any time, watch lessons when you like and act when you have time.

There are a couple of time-based elements:

  • The program is organized with a week to week schedule. Ideally, everyone is following along. However, if your schedule causes you to fall behind, you can definitely consume and comment after the fact.
  • There will be weekly webinars or live Q&A sessions during the program, scheduled for Wednesdays at noon PT. We will make recordings available if you’re unable to attend the live event. You will be notified in advance when the webinar will be taking place.
  • The program will wrap-up on April 6, 2021. You will have access to the online environment for an additional 14 days and then we will close comments and discussion.

Is this a Job Search Program? Is it appropriate if I am not interested in changing jobs?

This is not a job search program and we have not assumed that participants are planning a career move. We do find that deciding you need or want to make a career move maybe a result of the program and the program will put you in a much stronger position to do so, whether planned and unplanned. The program gives a high-level strategic view of your resume and interviewing approach as necessary elements to market readiness.

What are the materials and technology requirements?

All materials are included. The program lessons are online based and access to major browsers will work well. Lessons can also be viewed from your iOS or Android device. Worksheets and workbooks are downloadable PDFs and which can be printed if you would like to handwrite your answers, or they can be filled out directly on the electronic document to save / print as needed. Finally, during the program, we will send you a link to register and access the webinars.

About the Facilitator

Ian Christie, BA’89, MBA

Ian Christie, BA’89, MBA, has devoted his career to helping mid-level and senior-level professionals develop theirs. He has built deep experience in career transitions, career growth strategies and personal branding with over 20 years’ experience in roles that have included executive recruitment, leading the MBA career centre at Sauder UBC, and as a writer and speaker. He is founder and President of Talent Dimensions Group – a proud affiliate of the prestigious Career Partners International group – delivering corporate career transition and other talent-related services. He runs The Bold Career Project, a leading provider of career services for individual clients; and also created Career Growth Essentials, the platform for his online courses and programs.

Ian elevates the career conversation from the common language of resumes and interviews to more powerful, strategic concepts about your professional journey, market power and how to design a more fulfilling career.

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