Advocate or Activist: What is the best way to effect change?

From debates and lobbyists to boycotts and protesters, political action takes many forms. Is there a time and place for righteous indignation? Or is it more effective to engage in dialogue with those we oppose? Join fellow alumni, donors and friends and UBC President, Professor Stephen Toope as he moderates a panel of UBC and community experts who will explore the best way to bring about societal and political change.



Moderator – Stephen Toope, UBC President

Panelist – Jacqueline Kennelly, PhD’08, Assistant Professor, Carleton University Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Panelist – Ronald Deibert, BA’88, PhD’95, Associate Professor, University of Toronto Department of Political Science


UBC Dialogues: Toronto was held on October 5, 2010 at 99 SUDBURY, Toronto.

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