Webinar – Leading Teams through Conflict

Webinar - Leading Teams through Conflict

The workplace is a complex adaptive system, connected through people and webs of relationships. Where people come together, and their needs compete, conflict will emerge. It is a natural by-product of engagement. So, how do we navigate workplace conflict and harness the best of it to support the system to thrive? What is the role of leadership in creating an environment where people can disagree – respectfully – and learn something in the process? What can you do to increase your conflict competence?

Throughout this webinar, participants will explore how:

  • Conflict reflects and influences relationships in systems;
  • Workplace conflict provides opportunities for individuals and teams to learn and develop;
  • Conflict competence enables teams to thrive; and
  • To interrupt negative patterns in conflict.

Thursday, April 2, 2020
12:00-1:00 pm PDT

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About the Speaker

Lori Charvat, BA, JD, LLM’02

Lori Charvat, BA, JD, LLM’02, is the Principal of Sandbox Consulting, a leadership and organizational development firm, that works with organizations and their people to navigate change and conflict in order to build resilient, collaborative and effective teams. Lori is also an active member of the UBC community. In addition to being an alumna of the UBC Allard School of Law, where she earned her Master of Laws (L.L.M.), Lori was previously a staff and faculty member of UBC.

Sandbox Consulting serves a range of clients, from scaling tech companies to large public sector and post-secondary organizations. Clients call on Lori’s expertise, skill and steady demeanor when things have gone off the rails, and teams and leaders require renewed focus and alignment. Lori offers solutions in the form of change management consulting, conflict resolution services, as well as leadership and team coaching.  As a mediator, facilitator and coach, Lori focuses on learning as path to transformation.

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