100 Dinners FAQ

Do you have a question not addressed here? Please email 100.dinners@ubc.ca and we’ll be happy to help.

    • Who should I invite to the dinner?

      Private dinners: Whether you would like to catch up with your first-year residence friends or watch a game over dinner with your fellow T-Birds, the 100 Dinners initiative provides an excellent opportunity to reconnect with your UBC community. Allow your personal connections and the capacity of the chosen dinner venue to inform your decision about who to invite.

      Public dinners: Hosting smaller, more intimate dinners (engineering graduates from the past ten years living in Calgary) versus very large gatherings (all UBC graduates living in Toronto) will allow you to make the most meaningful connections. Therefore, we recommend being specific in the Host Application Form about who you would like to invite. Refer to alumni UBC’s Global Alumni Network map, which shows the number of alumni living in many parts of the world, to inform your decision about your dinner invitation criteria and capacity.

      Please note: If you decide to host a public dinner (where your guests aren’t known to you), we strongly recommend that you host your dinner at a public venue as this will encourage higher attendance. For all public dinners, regardless of location, we require that alumni are permitted to bring a guest with them, should they choose to do so.

    • Does alumni UBC pay for the dinner and/or any expenses I incur?

      No. Unfortunately, alumni UBC cannot provide hosts with financial assistance or compensation. However, we are committed to supporting your hosting experience in a number of ways. We can assist by:

      • Helping you determine suitable invitation criteria for public dinners, factoring in the size of the alumni community where you live.
      • Promoting your public dinner to UBC alumni in your respective geographical region.
      • Providing you with access to an online registration system for your public dinner so you can easily set up a registration form, capture RSVPs, and communicate with your guests.
      • Providing event supplies, including alumni UBC 100 promotional materials to brand your dinner, and an icebreaker activity for you and your guests.
      • We have also created a 100 Dinners Planning Toolkit to assist in your organizational efforts.

      If you live in the Vancouver area and are hosting a dinner at your home, The Lazy Gourmet is pleased to offer UBC alumni a choice of a 10% discount or free delivery on catering orders. A 6 person minimum applies to all orders. Please contact Shannon at catering@lazygourmet.ca to inquire about menu options.

    • Can I charge my guests for dinner?

      No. If hosting at a restaurant, hosts are welcome to ask their guests to pay for their own meal. If hosting at a private residence, hosts may ask guests to bring a food item (e.g. potluck-style dinner), but are not permitted to ask guests to pay to attend the dinner and/or or collect any money.

    • What should I do to prepare for my 100 Dinners gathering?

      We realize that not everyone is a seasoned dinner host, so we’ve prepared a 100 Dinners Planning Toolkit for you to refer to as you make arrangements for your gathering.

    • Can I host a dinner on campus?

      Yes! With plenty of open spaces, familiar places, and catering options, hosting a dinner on campus is a great way to bring yourself and other alumni to the University! We recommend exploring the following locations and catering options for hosting a 100 Dinners gathering:

    • Can I invite non-UBC alumni to a dinner that I am hosting?

      Yes, you can. However, since the 100 Dinners series is about making connections with fellow UBC alumni while celebrating alumni UBC’s 100th year, we encourage that the majority of your guests be UBC alumni.

    • What if I want to invite UBC alumni who work at my office?

      Go for it! Hosting a 100 Dinners gathering for UBC alumni from your workplace is a wonderful way to expand your social network within your professional community. Before deciding to proceed, we recommend that you ask your workplace if there are any internal communication methods you can utilize to connect with fellow alumni where you work, as alumni UBC unfortunately won’t be able to assist with communications within organizations.

    • How can I manage RSVPs and communicate with my guests?

      For public dinners, the 100 Dinners Team will provide hosts with an official 100 Dinners ePly user account. ePly is an event management system that helps streamline the RSVP experience for both hosts and guests, and allows hosts to:

      • Collect and track RSVPs
      • Print attendance sheets
      • Send email reminders
      • Communicate updates with guests

      The use of ePly is mandatory for public dinners.

      If you are hosting a private dinner and would like to use ePly to manage your dinner registration, please email the 100 Dinners Team at 100.dinners@ubc.ca

    • Am I able to co-host a dinner?

      Absolutely! If you decide to co-host with a fellow alum, kindly indicate this on the Host Application Form.

    • How will my public dinner be promoted?

      alumni UBC will:

      • List public dinners on the Find a Dinner page of alumni UBC’s 100 Dinners website
      • Include details of upcoming dinners in alumni UBC’s bi-weekly e-newsletters, with a link to the Find a Dinner page for a comprehensive list
      • Post on alumni UBC’s social media channels. We also encourage you to promote on your own social media channels to get people talking about your dinner!
    • Can I still be involved even if I don’t host a dinner?

      Yes! Visit the Find a Dinner page of alumni UBC’s 100 Dinners website to find gatherings happening in your area.

    • Am I allowed to bring a plus-one to the dinner?

      In the case of public dinners, you will always have the option to bring a guest with you. If you decide to bring a guest, please ensure that you indicate this when you submit your registration.

      In the case of private dinners, please contact your host to confirm.

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