Can we raise children in Vancouver?

Vancouver has developed a reputation as a difficult place to raise kids. The high cost of childcare – for those who can find a spot – and the difficulty finding suitable housing have led many prospective parents to delay starting a family or explore alternatives, such as life in the suburbs. Those who choose to… Read more

Is collaboration the key to shaping Canada’s innovation future?

Innovation rarely comes as a single spark of inspiration. More often, it results from ideas coming together and efforts aligning in exciting new directions. For this to happen, there needs to be an innovation ecosystem that supports collaboration. When industry, government, and universities work together, it is possible to harness the research and talent that exists… Read more

In Conversation with Professor Santa J. Ono (North Shore)

Hear from Professor Ono as he shares his early priorities and interests as well as gathers input from alumni and friends on how we can continue to strengthen our university. Recorded in North Vancouver, BC, on July 27, 2017.

Exploring Academia’s Influence on the Bay Area Tech Sector

It’s no surprise that great universities can have a positive influence on industry. When you have the brightest minds conducting leading edge research, the benefits are clear. In the Bay Area, a cluster of high profile academic institutions have contributed to the growth of a robust, world-leading innovation ecosystem. But how do these relationships work and… Read more

Are Canada’s pipeline approvals at odds with our climate commitments?

For years the possibility of new and expanded pipelines running across BC have raised questions related to First Nations land rights, coastal tanker traffic, and the nature of inter-provincial relationships. Underlying these questions, however, has always been the larger question of why we are continuing to invest in fossil fuel infrastructure at all given our… Read more

Can Victoria be saved from its own popularity?

Who wouldn’t want to live in Victoria? The city is known for its inviting lifestyle, affordable housing, good schools, plentiful green spaces, and solid career opportunities. It’s so tempting, in fact, that recent years have seen a spike in the number of newcomers setting up home. This growth in population, however, means that the very… Read more

In Conversation with UBC President and Vice-Chancellor Prof. Santa J. Ono in Tokyo

Professor Santa Ono recently took office as the 15th President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of British Columbia. Professor Ono shares his early priorities and interests as well as gather input from alumni and friends on how we can continue to strengthen our university. He also speaks with Professor Andrea Damascelli, Professor and Scientific Director… Read more

A Budding Industry: The Future of Cannabis in Canada

The government of Canada has tabled legislation legalizing and regulating the sale, possession and use of cannabis. While the benefits and drawbacks of cannabis legalization in Canada have been debated for years, the complexity of doing so has become clear now that legalization is imminent. Hear from our panel of experts in Toronto as they discuss what… Read more

Big Data, Big Issues: Should we be worried?

Scientific innovation is accelerating at a breathtaking rate, with big data and related disciplines such as genomics opening up new possibilities in areas including health, sustainability and the environment. As advances are made though, as a population, are we even aware of the types of moral, ethical and scientific questions that we should be asking?… Read more

Examining Whiteness: What’s at Stake for Canada?

With the rise of populism in the U.S. and Europe, the time is right for a frank discussion on the realities of racism and critical reflection on white privilege in Canada. Recent events make it clear that it can and does happen here. Experts from UBC and the University of Alberta participate in this provocative… Read more