UBC Connects with Jeremy Rifkin: The Third Industrial Revolution

In this enlightening presentation, Jeremy Rifkin presents a new vision of a Smart Third Industrial Revolution that can take Canada and the world into a sustainable ecological civilization and a more equitable global economy over the next several decades.

Who Gets In? The Truths and Myths of how Canadian Universities Make Admission Decisions

Grades, self-reporting, personal statements, short-answer questions, extra-curricular activities, and applicant interviews. A great deal of information can go into UBC admissions decisions. This raises a question: how do Canadian universities use all this information to determine who gets in? UBC’s director of undergraduate admissions, Andrew Arida provides an overview of the rationale and process Canadian universities… Read more

Spotlight on UBC Research, in Ottawa

UBC is a top-40 research university where open, innovative thinking is changing the world. In areas as diverse as brain health, human-computer interaction, linguistics, and advanced materials, UBC researchers are leading the way. Hear from UBC President and Vice Chancellor Professor Santa J. Ono and four UBC researchers who will present highlights from their work.

Building a Better Canada

Presented by UBC Research + Innovation, in partnership with the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies and alumni UBC What’s next for Canada? On November 29, 2017, UBC President Santa J. Ono hosted a dynamic and forward-looking evening featuring Order of Canada recipients David Suzuki, Shelagh Rogers, Sophie Pierre, Trevor Linden, Wade Davis, and Robert… Read more

The Active Life: What are the risks and rewards?

Hear from a panel of UBC and community experts as they speak about risky play, concussions, and chronic disease prevention through physical activity before discussing the risks and rewards of leading an active lifestyle.

What makes a wine world class?

The Okanagan’s wine industry is relatively young compared to the world’s classic wine regions. It was largely a local endeavor in its early days, but over the past few decades the world has taken notice. Okanagan wines are already held in high regard, but can our new world wines truly compete with the old? What… Read more

Can we raise children in Vancouver?

Vancouver has developed a reputation as a difficult place to raise kids. The high cost of childcare – for those who can find a spot – and the difficulty finding suitable housing have led many prospective parents to delay starting a family or explore alternatives, such as life in the suburbs. Those who choose to… Read more

In Conversation with Professor Santa J. Ono (North Shore)

Hear from Professor Ono as he shares his early priorities and interests as well as gathers input from alumni and friends on how we can continue to strengthen our university. Recorded in North Vancouver, BC, on July 27, 2017.