UBC Alumni Email Forwarding

Let the Online World Know You are a UBC Alumnus

Three reasons why you need UBC alumni email forwarding:

  1. Perhaps you need a more professional email address
  2. Maybe you don’t like the address issued to you by your internet service provider
  3. You are struggling with keeping your contacts up-to-date with changing email addresses

Let your virtual identity boast your UBC connection and simplify your online life by signing up for your free UBC Alumni email forwarding address.

If you change jobs or internet service providers, you’ll never have to worry about losing email or having to tell all your contacts about an email address change. All messages sent to your @alumni.ubc.ca address will be forwarded to your current mailbox. It’ s like the virtual equivalent of postal mail forwarding.

Once you set up your new forwarding address, just give out your @alumni.ubc.ca address instead of your work or home email address. Then should you change employers or internet service providers, just revisit the registration page and change your forwarding destination.

Please note this is an email forwarding service and not an email storage account.

To sign-up, all you need is a Campus-Wide Login (CWL) account associated with your student record.

Don’t have a CWL? Click here.

Need to associate your CWL with your student record? Click here.

Already have a CWL or already registered for email forwarding?

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