Unhaggle: Never Overpay on New Cars

We at Unhaggle don’t want anyone to overpay on their new car — not now, not ever. If you want to negotiate yourself, we have all the tools to help you get great savings. Our FREE dealer cost report tells you what dealerships pay to manufacturers so you know how much negotiating room you have. It also shows you the mandatory fees so you can catch dealers trying to tack on extraneous fees. We also have a free payment calculator to help you work out your monthly payment amount with the latest rates and rebates.

If you want to avoid negotiating, you can let us do the hard work. Unhaggle Premium Concierge Program is designed to get you the guaranteed best price or your money back. We get local dealers to compete in a bidding war to get you the lowest price.

Offer Details

UBC alumni have exclusive access to services and deals with guaranteed savings through Unhaggle:

  • Receive accurate, up-to-date information on the invoice prices and recent incentives using Unhaggle’s free Dealer Cost Report
  • Receive 20% off Unhaggle’s Premium Concierge Program that provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee to save you time, money, and hassle in the car buying process. Use the promotion code UBC20 to unlock your savings.
  • Take advantage of Unhaggle’s extensive network of 700 partner dealers across the country
  • Receive exclusive quarterly deal galleries which will summarize the hottest savings that UBC Alumni can expect when using Unhaggle’s Services

* UBC Alumni receive 20% off Unhaggle’s Concierge Services all year-long.
** Special discounts available to UBC Alumni cannot be used in combination with other general offers.

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