Intrapreneurship: Taking Charge and Making Change During Times of Adversity

Intrapreneurship Webinar

Cybele Negris, BA’91, knows a thing or two about the importance of intrapreneurial zeal in charting a path toward excellence. In this webinar, Cybele shares insights from her remarkable career path as she evolved from a UBC Commerce student, to a tech entrepreneur, to a Board Member of prominent Canadian organizations.

Debiasing Your Workplace

Webinar - Debiasing Your Workplace - Presented by Manulife

Today’s workplaces are expected to be equitable, diverse and inclusive. One of the biggest barriers to achieving such a workplace is our biases. While we all have biases, it is important to be cognizant about them in our actions. In the workplace, biases can hinder our ability to make thoughtful and informed decisions about who… Read more

Generational Differences in the Workplace: Fact or Fiction?

Webinar - Generational Differences in the Workplace

There are many assumptions in the workplace about how different generations prefer to conduct their work, relate to each other, and are motivated.  In this webinar, we will challenge and explore common stereotypes by answering questions such as “do younger workers have a lower work ethic than older workers?”, “does job performance decline with age?”,… Read more

My Career Story: Recruiter Insights on Changes to the World of Work

View this engaging panel discussion where HR professionals and Industry experts will share their experiences on how Covid-19 has impacted the way we work. Our panelists share their observations, where they anticipate the world of work going, and insights and advice on what you can do to thrive and stand out. No matter where you… Read more