Alumni Leadership Committees

The Leadership Committees established in Hong Kong, Toronto, Calgary, Victoria, and the Okanagan are instrumental in the ability of the University and alumni UBC to fulfil their missions and continue a lifelong relationship with alumni in these key markets. The Leadership Committees are a source of advice, strategy and insight to enable UBC to engage with alumni in a way that is meaningful and impactful to each community with awareness of regional priorities and challenges unique to each location.


Michelle Cook, MJ’00
Andre De Leebeeck, BASc’76
Adam Legge, BCom’97
Rachael L’Orsa, BASc’10, BA’11
Scott McLeman, BSc’98, LLB’04
Gail Mukaida, BSN’87
Kendall Titchener, BA’10


Gary Bennett, BA’64, MA’76
Blake Edwards, BA’16
Casey Hamilton, BSFN’07
Nelson Jatel, BSc’98, MA’14
Ross Langford, BCom’89, LLB’89
Candice Loring, BMgt’16
Sharon McCoubrey, PhD’00
Cody McKay, BMgt’15
Sue Connaghan, BSc’84


David Anderson, LLB’62
Andrew Brooke, BA’99
Deb Mills, BSc’79
Naomi Pope, MA(Planning)’02
Kit Sauder, BA’12
Kathy Tarnai-Lokhorst, BASc’87
Angus Todd, BCom’15
Cameron Turner, BA’77

Hong Kong

Iggy Chong, BCom’82
Allen Ha, BSc’87, MBA’89
Olivia Ford, BA’92
Peter Lee, BCom’89
Catherine Fok, BA’79, MSc
Francis Pun, BASc’94
Eugene Ho, BCom’93
Yvonne Ho, LLB’89


Handika Handoko, BASc’05
Laura Mandelbaum, BA’08
Ken McCarter, BA’76
Matt Parson, BSc’14
Ann Richards, BA’78
Aaron Sanderson, BA’09
Raman Sohal, BA’01
Sanja Sparica, BCom’10
Tim Woolstencroft, BA’78

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