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  • October

    • 01

      • Generational Differences in the Workplace: Fact or Fiction?


        There are many assumptions in the workplace about how different generations prefer to conduct their work, relate to each other, and are motivated.  In this webinar, we will challenge and explore common stereotypes by answering questions such as “do younger workers have a lower work ethic than older workers?”, “does job performance decline with age?”,... Read more
      • UBC Career Day Virtual Fair


        Career Day is a one-day virtual event that features 45 and more  employers from various industries, eager to engage with students and alumni to share career opportunities and insights. This year’s fair will be virtual and hosted on CareersOnline.
    • 06

      • Imperial Tobacco Canada: Employer Information Session


        WHATEVER YOU THOUGHT ABOUT WORKING IN TOBACCO, THINK AGAIN. It’s an exciting time in our business. We’re a company of bold thinkers who are leading an industry transformation through innovation. Our people are incredibly talented across all functions and are helping build a new future for our business, colleagues and consumers. Being a Montreal Top... Read more
    • 07

    • 08

      • TC Energy: Employer Information Session


        Please join TC Energy recruiters and campus alumni for an Information Session, to learn about what we do, how we do it and what we offer to students and new graduates. We are so excited to meet you, and hope to see you there!
    • 13

      • FDM Group: Employer Information Session


        Are you passionate about IT and business? Come check out FDM Group info workshop! The workshop will provide you with commercial awareness and understanding of what IT roles exist post-graduation as well as what duties and responsibilities entail. Our staff will also conduct a Video Interview workshop to help you ace your next interview.
    • 14

      • Isaac Operations: Employer Information Session


        Calling all Engineering, Science, and Math students! Join us at our virtual Information Session where you’ll learn about a career in Performance Improvement Consulting. We’ll share insight on how you’ll contribute to uncovering challenging front-line operational and financial problems that some of today’s most important industries face. We’ll also walk you through Isaac’s approach for... Read more
    • 20

      • Environmental Education: How can we make a difference?


        Imagine a future where world leaders have grown up with a deep understanding of the natural environment that sustains us, knowledge that informs responsible decisions that advance our planetary health. UBC believes in this vision and has committed to taking climate action. In December 2019, the UBC Board of Governors responded to community advocates and... Read more
      • Vale Canada: Employer Information Session


        Vale is a global mining company with headquarters in Brazil, and operations in over 30 countries. They are leaders in the production of iron ore and the second largest producer of nickel.
    • 21

      • Debiasing Your Workplace


        Today’s workplaces are expected to be equitable, diverse and inclusive. One of the biggest barriers to achieving such a workplace is our biases. While we all have biases, it is important to be cognizant about them in our actions. In the workplace, biases can hinder our ability to make thoughtful and informed decisions about who... Read more
      • Alumni Office Hours with Moises Uribe

        In this Alumni Office Hour, Moises will talk about his transition from food science to investment banking, a journey of life lessons, making mistakes, and experiencing life to the fullest. Moises is highly experienced and passionate for the implementation and execution of sustainable development models. He has over fifteen years of international professional experience in... Read more
  • November

    • 17

      • Managing Up, Down and Across: How to Navigate the Workplace with Courage


        The workplace is a web of complexities, with the push and pull of projects, deadlines, and relationships. Here we sometimes find ourselves lost and overwhelmed, not knowing how to navigate it all. Yet even in complex situations, there is a magical confluence where you can succeed. All it takes is the alignment of your values,... Read more

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