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Webinar: Cover Letters that Connect. Sponsored by Manulife.

Live Webinar: Cover Letters that Connect

November 28, 2018

Never underestimate the power of a well-written cover letter. For many hiring managers and recruiters, it’s the deciding factor when it comes to who gets the interview and who doesn’t. If you want to elevate the impact of your cover letter, join us for this upcoming live webinar.

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Dealing with the Dollars featuring Natasha Jeshani, BA'05

Webinar - Dealing with the Dollars: The HR Insider Guide to Talking About Money During the Job Search. Featuring Natasha Jeshani, BA'05
Talking about money can be one of the most challenging aspects of a job search. In this webinar, UBC alumna, HR & Recruitment Consultant and author Natasha Jeshani, BA'05 guides you through the process of how to have effective money conversations and provides valuable negotiation strategies.

Stepping Up to Leadership featuring Katherine Lazaruk, BEd'95

Stepping up to leadership: How to leverage your professional presence for career advancement
Professional presence is a key factor in career advancement. Join UBC alumna Katherine Lazaruk to learn strategies to leverage your presence to help you move into leadership, and gain insights on what successful leaders have in common and how to develop your own leadership style.

How to Give Effective Feedback, Strategies for Leaders, facilitated by alumni UBC

Webinar - How to Give Effective Feedback: Strategies for Leaders. Sponsored by Manulife
The ability to provide meaningful feedback is a vital skill for anyone who leads a team. If you are in a leadership role, or aspire to be, this webinar will give you some practical strategies to master the art of effective feedback.

How to Use Career Conversations to Advance Your Career featuring Shagufta Pasta, BA'08

Webinar: How to use Career Conversations to Advance your Career Featuring Shagufta Pasta, BA'08 - Presented by Manulife
Learn how to leverage this powerful career building tool.

Online Resume Workshop hosted by alumni UBC

Webinar: Online Resume Workshop - Sponsored by Manulife
This interactive online workshop hosted by alumni UBC provides valuable strategies to help you craft a resume that stands out at every stage of your career. 

Take Your LinkedIn Presence to the Next Level featuring Ian Christie BA'89

Take Your LinkedIn Presence to the Next Level, Featuring Ian Christie, BA'89
Learn all the tools and strategies you need to elevate your LinkedIn presence and leverage this platform effectively for your career growth.

How to Effectively Connect and Engage with a Professional Mentor featuring Amielle Lake, BA'02

Webinar - How to Effecively Connect and Engage with a Professional Mentor, Featuring Amielle Lake, BA'02
Learn strategies to find a mentor and ways to strengthen and leverage this vital professional relationship.

Write a Powerful Professional Bio

Live Webinar: Write a Powerful Bio - Sponsored by Manulife
This webinar will guide you through a step by step process to write a compelling professional bio you can adapt for various platforms.

Making the Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur featuring Candy Motzek, BASc '85

This webinar explores your mindset, resources, finances and the things no one tells you about being an entrepreneur.  Hear from a fellow UBC graduate who

From Boss to Leader: 3 Keys to Authentic Leadership featuring Rosalyn C. Raindancer BA’06

Learn more about the differences between a boss and an authentic leader.

Marketing Your Best Self Online featuring Nicola Fairweather

Nicola Fairweather - Marketing Your Best Self Online
Learn how to develop a professional online brand and market yourself effectively across all social channels.

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