Upcoming Career Programs

Both online and in-person, we offer alumni opportunities throughout the year to connect with one another and grow professionally.

Webinar – LinkedIn for Career Navigation: The Most Useful Business Skill

June 13, 2019

From understanding how recruiters use the platform, to finding alumni referrals at just about any job in the world, get a crash course in LinkedIn’s essential techniques! Open to all UBC alumni.

Webinar – Your Best Team: What does it take to succeed?

July 11, 2019

Who runs the world? Teams! At the heart of any organization you will find people. And what do people do? They work together on projects and initiatives. So, what makes them do it right and succeed? Far too often we hear about teams failing, but what about teams that thrive? What makes teams function and… Read more

Salary Negotiation: What to say and how to say it confidently

July 17, 2019

Want to achieve the best paid value for your work or are you feeling frustrated that you are being underpaid? Our new workshop will help you learn about current market salaries, competitive rates, and an effective salary negotiation process. Learn how to approach supervisors for increases in both salary and benefits and conducting a successful… Read more

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