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UBC alumni regularly gather to engage in dialogue about complex social issues. Join us in your community and hear how UBC’s interdisciplinary research and teaching are addressing these issues.

Upcoming Events in the UBC Dialogues Series

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Past Events in the UBC Dialogues Series

Uncivil discourse: What is everyone so angry about?

Is it still possible to express differences of opinions in a respectful and constructive way?

Join our panel of UBC and community experts in the Lower Mainland for an important conversation about the growing divide of public discourse.

Man up: How can we reshape ideas around masculinity in the 21st Century?

We can all identify the qualities that have traditionally defined masculinity. Of course there’s strength, contribution, independence, and assertiveness, but also emotional detachment, dominance, and violence. These traits are so entrenched in our culture that they have become normalized. However, in light of the #MeToo movement and the increasing understanding of the influence patriarchy, rape… Read more

How can we make Kelowna a more culturally inclusive community?

Cultural diversity enriches a community in many ways. However, cultural inclusivity is not easy to achieve. What steps do we need to take to make Kelowna more inclusive for a growing multicultural community?

What makes a wine world class?

The Okanagan’s wine industry is relatively young compared to the world’s classic wine regions. It was largely a local endeavor in its early days, but over the past few decades the world has taken notice. Okanagan wines are already held in high regard, but can our new world wines truly compete with the old? What… Read more

Can we raise children in Vancouver?

Vancouver has developed a reputation as a difficult place to raise kids. The high cost of childcare – for those who can find a spot – and the difficulty finding suitable housing have led many prospective parents to delay starting a family or explore alternatives, such as life in the suburbs. Those who choose to… Read more

Are Canada’s pipeline approvals at odds with our climate commitments?

For years the possibility of new and expanded pipelines running across BC have raised questions related to First Nations land rights, coastal tanker traffic, and the nature of inter-provincial relationships. Underlying these questions, however, has always been the larger question of why we are continuing to invest in fossil fuel infrastructure at all given our… Read more

Rethinking Gender: How do we break free from stereotypes?

From the day we are born, we’re given messages about who we are, who we ought to be, and who we can be based on our perceived gender. These traditional, binary ideas of gender have created norms, roles and expectations that have become entrenched in society. In recent years, however, our understanding of gender has expanded… Read more

Can early intervention improve mental health outcomes in youth?

Nearly one in five Canadians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. While many start experiencing symptoms as youth, the stigma surrounding mental illnesses often leads individuals to delay or avoid diagnosis. Much work is being done locally to help our youth get the help they need in order to build healthy, fulfilling lives…. Read more

Why has Vancouver been so slow to join the sharing economy?

Around the world, popular app- and web-based services such as Uber and AirBnB have disrupted traditional business models and sparked explosive growth in the sharing economy. Consumers have embraced these services for their convenience and cost savings, but as they enter highly regulated industries, they face friction from both traditional operators and hesitant governments who… Read more

Why are people afraid of chemicals?

Nature would not exist without chemicals. In recent years, however, consumers have become suspicious of all things artificial or chemical, leading to an explosion in claims about the benefits of “organic,” “natural,” and “pure” foods and products. Where did these fears originate? How should we address them? Does marketing drive chemophobia or does science back… Read more


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