Global Alumni Network

UBC alumni live and work in 140 countries around the world. We keep in touch with those grads – and they keep in touch with each other – through our Global Alumni Network. We have a number of alumni leadership committees and alumni contacts who help represent UBC in cities around the world. They are available to answer local questions you may have and may organize alumni gatherings each year.

Alumni Contacts


British Columbia

Okanagan – Krista Stokell, Alumni Engagement Officer –

Victoria – Christy Nair, Associate Director, Alumni Engagement –


Calgary – Christy Nair, Associate Director, Alumni Engagement –

Lethbridge – Cathy Meyer, DEDU’


Toronto – Tom Vosper, Associate Director, Development & Alumni Engagement, Toronto Region –
You can also connect with our alumni UBC Toronto ambassadors.

Ottawa – Ryan Flewelling, BA’99 –

Barrie – Andrew Zyp, BASc’93, LLB’02, MBA’


Montreal – Jason Masih, BSc’


Arizona – Todd Rooker, BCom’

New York – Wilma Suen, BA’92 – / Kara Spotton, BCom’17 –

Seattle – Denise Kwok, BASc’


Los Angeles – Daiz Wang, MEd’

San Francisco/Bay Area – Grace McKenzie, BSc’

Latin America

Chile – Fernando Murillo, PhD’18

Asia Pacific

Australia (Perth) – Peter Farr, MASc’

China (Beijing) – Jessie Zhao, BSc’

China (Guangzhou) – Albert Tam, BCom’

China (Shanghai) – Joseph Ho, BA’

China (Shenzhen) – Mary Shu, BCom’

Hong Kong – Eugene Ho, BCom’

Indonesia – Elliott Setiawan, BCom’

Japan – Robin Mah, BA’

Malaysia – James T.K. Jiam, BCom’94, MBA’

New Zealand – Chris Hall, LLM’

Philippines – Timothy Dy Guani, BCom’

Singapore – Chelsea Guy, BHK’

South Korea – Eric Kim, BCom’

Taiwan – Justin Kao, BSc’01,

Vietnam – Kelly Wong, BCom’


France – Frances Liang, BSc’96, BSc’

Greece – Fofi Orfanou, BA’

Portugal – Robyn Freiheit, BKin’

United Kingdom – Christy Nair, Associate Director, Alumni Engagement –

London –  Christine Harris, BA’

Middle East/Africa

Dubai – Sajida Shroff, BA’90, BEd’

Mauritius – Stephen Scali, BA’

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