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Travel Club Webinar: Greece: Ancient and Contemporary with Peter Prontzos, MA’86

March 21, 2019

Peter Prontzos. MA’86, Instructor Emeritus in Political Science and Interdisciplinary Studies at Langara College in Vancouver has taught Political Science for over 25 years. His articles have appeared in print and online and he has worked in both radio and television. Peter’s personal ties to Greece make this tour a very special experience.

Webinar - Thing for a Living: The Rise of the Knowledge Worker & Gig Economy - Featuring Jody Shakespeare. Sponsored by Manulife

Webinar – Think for a Living: The Rise of the Knowledge Worker & Gig Economy

March 26, 2019

What you need to know about the trending gig economy, how to use your knowledge to cash-in and ways to mitigate your risk as a contractor.

Spotlight on UNICEF Canada's President & CEO, David Morley, CM, MEd'08

Spotlight on UNICEF Canada’s President & CEO, David Morley, C.M., MEd’08

April 4, 2019

Children are Canada’s future – but are we failing the next generation? Join CBC News’ Reshmi Nair and UBC alumni and friends in Toronto for this special opportunity to hear from the President & CEO of UNICEF Canada, David Morley, C.M., MEd’08, about how Canada’s falling behind when it comes to kids.

Say "Yes" to Success, featuring Dr. Pedro Cortina, MEd'06

Webinar – Say “Yes” to Success – Featuring Dr. Pedro Cortina, MEd’06

April 25, 2019

Have you ever noticed how often we create barriers to our own success? In this webinar, Dr. Pedro Cortina, Managing Partner at the Innerland Institute, will lead us on an exploration of the ways to identify and transform these self-made obstacles into clear and actionable opportunities.

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