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alumNIGHTS with the Toronto Raptors

alumNIGHTS with the Toronto Raptors

January 28, 2020

This past spring, the entire country got behind the Toronto Raptors during their triumphant playoff run. This winter, we’re hosting a special alumNIGHTS event in Toronto where we’ll cheer on the Raptors for their January 28th game against the Atlanta Hawks. As part of the evening, you’ll even have the opportunity to meet and hear… Read more

Webinar - Cannabis Regulation and the Workplace - Featuring Michael Litchfield, BA'00, LLB'04. Career Development Program Sponsor: Manulife.

Webinar – Cannabis Regulation and the Workplace

February 12, 2020

This webinar, featuring Michael Litchfield, BA’00, LLB’04, will provide an introduction to the regulation of cannabis in Canada and its impact on the workplace.  A variety of topical issues will be canvased including the rights of employers to regulate cannabis use in the workplace, the duty to accommodate users of medical cannabis in the workplace and the place of cannabis in work related social events.

Webinar - Leading Teams through Conflict

Webinar – Leading Teams through Conflict

April 2, 2020

The workplace is a complex adaptive system, connected through people and webs of relationships. Where people come together, and their needs compete, conflict will emerge. It is a natural by-product of engagement. So, how do we navigate workplace conflict and harness the best of it to support the system to thrive? What is the role… Read more

Your Next Career Step - Instructor: Ian Christie, BA'89, MBA

Intentional Career Growth: Take Your Next Professional Step with Confidence

April 6, 2020

Far too many senior level and mid-career professionals feel their career trajectory happened by accident, as opposed to occurring with intention and vision or are unsure of their own professional value. This 8-week program is designed to help you move forward on your professional journey with intention and confidence. As a manager, senior manager, executive,… Read more

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