Broad-Based Admissions Alumni Reader

Broad-Based Admissions Overview

In 2012, UBC expanded its use of broad-based admissions – an application process based both on grades and personal experiences – to all applicants of direct-entry undergraduate programs at the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses. UBC is the largest Canadian university to include non-academic criteria in its application process on this scale.

The Personal Profile is required of all high school students applying to all UBC degrees on the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses. It is also required of all transfer applicants into the Bachelor of Commerce and Kinesiology degrees on the Vancouver campus and the Nursing degree on the Okanagan campus.

The Personal Profile requires applicants to answer four to seven “personal profile” questions. The questions give applicants the opportunity to demonstrate self-reflection through their learning, challenges, experiences and goals in relation, but not limited to:

  • Leadership/group contributions – e.g., student government experience, community involvement, family responsibility, etc.
  • Academic achievements – e.g., research projects, success in contests, prizes won for high standing, etc.
  • Sports involvement – e.g., membership on teams, participation in competitions, etc.
  • Creative and performing arts experience
  • Work experience
  • Volunteer experience and service to others

Knowing more about prospective students through the use of a personal profile in the application process helps identify those who will flourish at UBC not only because of high grades but because of the experiences and ambition they bring with them.


All volunteer positions for the 2019 Admissions Cycle have been filled. Thank you for your interest in becoming a Broad-Based Admissions Reader – we hope you will consider applying for the 2020 Admissions Cycle.

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